What We Do

West Seattle Tool Library

For over a decade the West Seattle Tool Library has been providing the tools needed  for sustainability. Repurposing Tools and providing a workshop space for creativity and Job incubation has made the tool library an example for other tool libraries built off of this early model. To find out more… click!

West Seattle Meaningful Movies

When you go to a movie wouldn’t you want to leave informed and inspired. This what West Seattle Meaningful Movies will do for you. Every first Saturday of the month you can sit down and relax and even have  some refreshments while learning about good work in the struggle toward sustainability and social justice. To find out more… click!

West Seattle  Timebank

The West Seattle Time Bank allows folks to redeem there energy and volunteer hours for time being offered by friends and neighbors. When you do an hours help for a timebank member you will record and bank that hour for your own use when someone is offering something you need. To find out more… click!

Hate Free Delridge

With the rise in hate crimes in America and locally there was a real need for a group like Hate Free Delridge to be formed. What was a response to a local hate crime has now become a network of rapid reponse support for victims of hate crimes. Combined with universal public condemnation the Hate Free Delridge group is there to let the victims know they are not alone and we will not stand for this. For more information… click!

West Seattle Bike Connections

The West Seattle Bike Connections have literally connected West Seattle to the City of Seattle planning for both pedestrian and bicycle safety and use. Before WSBC West Seattle was regularly overlooked in the planning and the funding stages. Now Don Brubeck and the WSBC is a recognized force at Seattle Department of Transportation and both attend and host public meetings regarding the future of our bicycle infrastructure. Find out more here… click!

Tox-Ick.org Storm Water Group

In an effort to educate our public how they can help keep our native waters clean. Since most of us live on a hill that drains toward our waterways, it is up to each one of us to participate and follow the guidelines of tox-ick.org. Clean water is one thing we truly need if our salmon and orca will survive. It is also the heritage of our Puget Sound and Salish Sea that out native peoples and those that came later regard very important to our region. Learn more here!