Green Life Expo 2019

At Delridge Day August 10th, 11 am – 3 pm

This year Sustainable West Seattle will be joining Delridge Day with a Green Life Expo. There will be plenty of opportunity to engage with our working non-profits plus a chance to create new pathways into sustainability for our community.

City Council debate at Greenlife 2015

There will be some very interesting activities this year that will promote zero waste, electric alternative transportation options, urban community farming and our responsibilities to the surrounding Puget Sound and Salish Sea.

The Virtual Salish Sea exhibition has been given local acclaim. The exhibition created by Diver Laura James will be shown through 3D virtual reality goggles at our booth. This rare under water view of our surrounding sea gives the viewer a different perspective as to why local and personal action is important.

We will also be educating our neighbors on what it means to be zero waste. We have planned a game, “Waste or Zero Waste” where you can decide whether that consumable is right for you if you desire to be a zero waste consumer.

Puget Ridge Edible Park

Have you ever ridden an electric bike? We are offering E Bike tours to Puget Ridge Edible Park from the festival grounds using our Neighborhood Greenways route. Neighborhood Greenways are streets that prioritize bicycle and pedestrian use. Puget Ridge Edible Park is a Seattle City park being developed by the Puget Ridge Neighborhood without the use of tax dollars. This one hector park is an example of using volunteers and resourcefulness to create a giving garden and food forest open to the public. There will be groups of 4 leaving for the park about every hour.

DIY Bikes will also be having a bike repair clinic near the skatepark. Bring your bike or better yet arrive by bike and DIY Bikes will check over your bike and give you instructions on how to keep your bike running safe and smooth.

” a chance to create new pathways into sustainability for our community.”

At this year’s Green Life Expo we will be offering our third incubator grant. This $5,000 grant will be used to develop new sustainable initiatives and education in our community. The grant applicants will be asked to present their project in writing and to the public by our annual meeting in March 2020. The top grant award will be for $3000 and the second and third place winners will split the remaining $2000. Grants will be awarded based on the criteria of sustainability, waste reduction, community education and outreach as well as new ways of doing things smarter. Previous grants have been awarded to DIY Bikes, West Seattle Meaningful Movies, The Delridge Grocery and the West Seattle Timebank among others. Grant applications start at Delridge Day, August 10th 2019 and the grant application deadline is December 31st 2019. Good Luck to all applicants.

May 4th Meaningful Movie

Saturday, May 4
West Seattle Meaningful Movies presents
A Concerned Citizen
“Provides the viewer with both a history of how we got into this environmental mess as well as a roadmap for how to move forward. . . . Highly recommended!” –Anne Miller, South Seattle Climate Action Network
This film documents the work of Dr. Riki Ott, a whistleblower who predicted the Exxon Valdez oil spill hours before it happened and came to the aid of her Alaskan community in their battle to get compensation for their loss of health and income.

Recognizing the power of money in politics, she advocated for a constitutional amendment to end corporate personhood and reform campaign finance laws. 

Taking the lessons she learned as an activist, she is now spearheading “Ultimate Civics,” a complete civics curriculum that empowers students to participate in their democracy. 

“It is my hope that as people’s health, livelihoods, and property are harmed by these extreme oil activities, people will understand the need to shift off oil to safer energy options and take action to achieve true energy independence. This is the movement that I see growing in all regions of our country.” —Dr. Riki Ott Directed by Bo Boudart; 2019 41 minutes Trailer:
We will also be showing a 7-minute animated video about the Green New Deal: “A Message from the Future, with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.”
6:30  doors open for refreshments7:00 – movie,followed by optional facilitated discussion  

At High Point Neighborhood House
6400 Sylvan Way SW, Seattle 98126 Bus numbers 21 and 128
NO CHARGE, but donations gratefully received.

DIY Bikes At the West Seattle Tool Library

This Sunday, April 28th from 1 pm to 4 pm DIY Bikes will be offering free bicycle maintenance at the West Seattle Tool Library to get ready for bike month, May 2019. Bring your bike, replacement parts if needed and time to learn some basic maintenance tips and get ready to ride. For more info go to:

West Seattle Meaningful Movies presents……

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live in a world without nuclear weapons?
Come to an evening on the danger of nuclear war and how we can prevent it.
There will be two short videos, and a presentation by West Seattle Neighbors for Peace and Justice.
One of the videos is a TED Talk by Brian Toon, a professor in the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences at the University of Colorado Boulder. The other is Making Waves–Rebirth of the Golden Rule, aboutan inspiring anti-nuclear-war project of Veterans for Peace.
The whole program is about 60 minutes.   6:30  doors open for refreshments7:00 – movie,followed by optional facilitated discussion  

At High Point Neighborhood House
6400 Sylvan Way SW, Seattle 98126 Bus numbers 21 and 128
NO CHARGE, but donations gratefully received.

West Seattle Meaningful Movies


From coastal cities to our country’s heartland, Paris to Pittsburgh celebrates how people are demanding and developing real solutions to the climate emergency. As the weather grows more deadly and destructive, many of us aren’t waiting on Washington, D.C., to act.

Directed by Sidney Beaumont and Micheal Bonfiglio; presented by National Geographic; 2018 60 minutes Trailer:

Also — Bob Allen, a young man from Sunrise, will tell us about the Green New Deal. (Sunrise is a movement of young people working to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs in the process.) Sunrise is a movement to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs in the process.

6:30 – doors open for refreshments 7:00 – movie, followed by optional facilitated discussion At High Point Neighborhood House 6400 Sylvan Way SW, Seattle 98126

Bus numbers 21 and 128 NO CHARGE, but donations gratefully received.

Public Gathering March 13th featuring Virtual Salish Sea with Diver Laura James

Announcement: Please come to a gathering of Sustainable West Seattle partners and project leads. The public is invited to come and learn about the many things that are happening in their sustainable community. Where do we fit in the Green New Deal?

As a special guest, Diver Laura James will be giving tours of Virtual Salish Sea. You gotta see this!

We will also be bringing in pizza, YUM, so don’t worry about dinner as SWS will provide this. Drinks are available to purchase as we will be gathering at The Beveridge Place, 6:30 pm on Wednesday March 13th. See you there! 6413 California Ave SW   MAP

We have work to do here

SWS as a Green New Deal contributor

The Website is back!

Sustainable West Seattle once again is open for web traffic to discuss, inform and inspire, thanks to the help once again of Gene Homicki. Stay tuned for much more discussion to come including the SWS involvement in the Green New Deal as a local contributor.

We have work to do!

West Seattle Greenlife Festival 2017!!

Sustainable West Seattle is preparing an inspiring display of lifestyle alternatives with a spotlight on environmental solutions we can all participate in. The 2017 Greenlife Festival is a major component of the West Seattle Summerfest July 14,15 and 16th.

Greenlife 2017 is sponsored by Alki Bike and Board, West Seattle Nursery, West Seattle Natural Energy, PCC Natural Markets, Full Circle Farms and Waste Management. While attending the Greenlife festival people will see our urban farm animals, learn about home energy alternatives, learn about transportation alternatives including the exciting growth of electric bicycles, and gather information about healthy, organic food sources including growing your own in backyards or community gardens.

On Saturday July 15th at 2 pm Sustainable West Seattle will sponsor the 2017 Mayoral candidates debate on the Greenlife Stage. The debate will be moderated by Tracy Record of the West Seattle Blog.

You can submit questions here:

Each day of the Greenlife Festival will have a theme starting on Friday with “Sacred Waters” featuring an opening ceremony with the Duwamish tribal leaders and a focus on the health of the Puget Sound and our effect on it. Saturday is all about transition with “Approaches to Transition” being presented throughout the day. And Sunday will culminate with a “Health and Wholeness” theme, starting at 10 am with a meditation and Yoga in the street.

There is much to be discussed and learned in our efforts to create and implement sustainable solutions. Please come join us and if you wish to help with this opportunity to engage the public. You can volunteer by emailing [email protected]


6:00pm -“Music In the Park Nature Consortium – Recycled Art”

Friday: Sacred Water

9:00am: Set up
1:00pm: Opening Ceremony by the Duwamish Tribe; Discussion: Native American rights (Amanda)
2:00pm: SR3 (stu)
3:00pm: Aquaponics, Home grown fish supply
4:00pm: Orca Dance; Illuminatos
5:00pm: Diver Laura; Tox-ick (stu)

6:30 – 7:30pm: Teresa and the Wolves
7:45 – 8:45pm: The Broadcast
9 – 10: Cellar Bells

Saturday July 15th – Approaches to Transition

10:00am: Transition, The alternatives, Save money and the world
11:00am: Minimalist consumption; Community General Store; Timebank
12:00pm: Solar Works! The Truth About Costs For Solar PV in the Northwest by Keith Hughes, West Seattle Natural Energy & Brownies!
1:00pm Juno
1:30pm: Orca Dance – on street
2:00 – 3:30pm: Make Seattle Green Again, Mayoral debate with Mike McGinn, Micheal Harris, Nakita Oliver, Alex Tsimmerman
3:30 – 4:15pm: Food sovereignty
4:15 – 5:00pm: Raising Backyard Poultry – Christina Hahs
5:00pm: Invasive Plants, Your Yard and Urban Forests with Steve Richmond, Garden Cycles
6:00 – 8:00pm: Art Projects: Neighbors for Peace and Justice
8:00 – 10pm: Meaningful Movies – Transition 2.0

Sunday July 16th – Health

10:00am: Meditation / Yoga – Limber
11:00am: Acupuncture
12:00pm: EBikes (Stu, introduced by Amanda)
1:00pm: Herbal Healing – Aquaponics
2:00pm: Paul Che oke ten Wagner
3:00pm: Family Biking Morgan Sherer (stu)
4:00pm: The Future of Cycling in West Seattle, West Seattle Bike Connections, Seattle Neighbohood Greenways
5:00pm: Tear Down / Hangout

Time to comment on HALA upzone Draft Environmental Impact Statement ending soon


 On June 8, the City released its Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for the proposed citywide HALA upzones. It is 800 pages long, includes brand new maps that do not yet reflect community input, and negatively impacts our neighborhood in several significant ways. Most important, we only have until July 23 to comment despite it being the summer season.

There is more information about the DEIS below. But there are three things you can do today to make your voice heard:


  1. Demand an Extension of the Comment Period. Email [email protected]and tell the City that, given the size of the document and the fact that it is summer and many people have prior commitments, there isn’t enough time to review review and comment on the DEIS.


  1. Mark Your Calendar – JLUC Workshop on July 11, 2017 at 6:30 p.m, West Seattle Senior Center.The Junction Land Use Committee (JLUC) will present a summary of relevant portions of the DEIS and their impacts, detail further actions you can take, and have hosted tables to help you in identify areas on which you might wish to comment.


  1. Comment Online. If you cannot attend the workshop or don’t feel you can adequately review the document without a JLUC workshop, comment using the City’s online form at

About The DEIS

The purpose of this DEIS is to analyze the impact of the proposed upzones on affected neighborhoods – and to propose actions to address any problems the upzoning would create. The City is seeking comments as to whether the DEIS does a good enough job analyzing the impacts of the upzones and/or addressing those impacts. Addressing the impacts is known as mitigation. 

From an initial read, the JLUC has determined the DEIS is deficient in many ways, including failing to identify negative impacts to our neighborhood and failing to propose adequate, if any, mitigation of the negative impacts it does identify. We will be submitting a detailed list of those deficiencies in a formal response to the City.


Here is a link where you can find the DEIS: