Spokespeople Wallingford Hosts Multiple Rides in August

Next Saturday, August 6, will be a great day for a bike ride! Spokespeople will ride to Ballard Commons Park to watch skateboarders and play in the water park. Some of this ride from Wallingford will be on the Burke-Gilman Trail and the weather is supposed to summery! Details on the Cascade Bike Club website and Facebook. You can see photos from many of our rides on Facebook too.

As Spokespeople Wallingford does on the first Saturday of every month, we start from the south end of Wallingford Playfield at 2:00 pm. We’ll try to be back no later than 4:00 pm. Most of the ride is on the road and there will be cars. You are always welcome to walk any hills you cannot ride. The August 6 Ballard Commons ride will be led by Cascade Bicycle Club and League of American Bicyclists-certified Ride Leader Michael Snyder.

Spokespeople will also lead easy rides with Sustainable Magnolia to Discovery Park starting from the Magnolia Community Center Parking lot at 9:00 am. on Aug 13 led by Cascade Ride Leader Michael Herschensohn. Find more details on Cascade’s website and Facebook.

And if you are feeling very ambitious, you can also join us at 2:00 pm. on August 13 for our first ride with Beacon BIKES! Ride Leader Cathy Tuttle will join up with Beacon’s Dylan Ahearn to go on a family-friendly round-trip ride from Station Coffee House around Jefferson Park and Beacon Library. See more on Cascade’s website and Facebook.

Monday, July 18, Brings New Combined Alaskan Way Trail

Washington State Department of Transportation announced the opening Monday, July 18, of a new west-side combined-use trail from King Street to just past the Coast Guard facility.  Check this link which shows the new trail  http://www.wsdot.wa.gov/Projects/SR99/HolgateToKing/BikePed.htm.

One of SDOT’s most popular publications, the Seattle Bicycling Guide Map is now better than ever. The map presents information about cycling in Seattle in a clear, easy-to-use, and friendly format. The 2011 edition includes a fresh cover, updated maps, and new information about facilities including green bike lanes, bike boxes, and signed routes. You can download the map, view it on this website, or order a paper copy, free of charge, using the form.

New facilities shown on the 2011 map include Chief Sealth Trail extension, Ship Canal Trail extension, 30 miles of signed routes, 20 miles of new bikes lanes and sharrows, including, Greenwood Avenue N, S Columbian Way, Roosevelt Way NE, S Alaska Street, Cherry Street, E Jefferson Street, and Taylor Avenue N, and buffered bike lanes on N 130th Street, Admiral Way SW and 7th Avenue.

Seattle’s bike map is updated annually to reflect progress made in building the 450-mile bikeway network recommended in the Seattle Bicycle Master Plan. Over the past three years, SDOT has installed 40 percent of the bike lanes and sharrows described in the plan.

Spain’s bike paths a model for West Seattle?

Grade separated bike paths in Barcelona

By Nicholas Smith

I just returned from a wonderful trip to Spain and snapped this photo in Barcelona of a great example of grade-separated bike lanes. Enormous walking path, followed by well-marked bike paths and then the roadway for cars. Beautiful, efficient and, best of all, safe. All integrated with a robust subway system.

One thing we’re really good at in America is laying down lots of cement. Perhaps with some rule changes we can begin putting that hard surface down in layers and make getting around safer for everyone.

As an added benefit, the (skinny) Spanish often take long walks in the evenings, chatting with friends and family along the way. There may be benefits to this approach that can’t be captured in a government planning study.

I can imagine several roadways in West Seattle where this approach would work well. All the way down 35th? Along Delridge? In the shopping zone of California? Others?

West Seattle Spokespeople ‘Farm and Fowl Series’

Spokespeople West Seattle May Ride, “Farm and Fowl Tour”

Meets at South Seattle Community College north entrance (Horticulture Center) 10:45am Sunday May 1st.

Early spring edible gardens will be our focus on this ride. We will start at South Seattle Community College the site of the developing Community Orchard of West Seattle and pedal on to some West Seattle gardens.

From West Seattle we will take a 20 mile round trip ride out to one of my favorite gardens, the Interbay Pea Patch. This route will take us along a flat and limited traffic routes of the Seattle waterfront and Myrtle Edwards park to Magnolia and the Interbay P Patch and back.  The ride will be 22 miles round trip at a leisurely pace. The ride group will ride a “stay together” style with frequent regrouping stops. The ride leader will be Stu Hennessey, owner of Alki Bike and Board.

West Seattle Spokespeople “Going Downtown” Sunday

Spokespeople West Seattle will be “Going Downtown” this Sunday at 11:00 am, departing from Alki Bike and Board, 2606 California Ave. SW.

As the construction projects have been altering the street route into downtown this will be a great opportunity to to find out what you need to know if you are planning on get the bike out for dowmtown commuting. Spring is the time where we always see an uptick in commuter traffic so if you are planning on getting started for the season this is the start line.

  • What: Spokepeople West Seattle April Ride, “Going Downtown”
  • When: Sunday, April 3rd at 11:00 am
  • Where: Meets at Alki Bike and Board, 2606 California Ave. SW

“Going Downtown” Most of the traffic out of West Seattle on a weekday morning is going to downtown Seattle. This short journey has gotten much harder from huge construction projects. As well the price of parking downtown plus the ever rising price of gas has made the car perhaps obsolete. This ride has impeccable timing as we lead the way to downtown using alternative routes, bike paths and bike lanes. As with cars the construction areas are changing the way we ride a bike to downtown. This is the perfect opportunity to give it a try without the added pressure of being on time.

March Spokespeople Ride: Shopping California Avenue

Spokespeople West Seattle invite all cyclists to their monthly ride Sunday, March 6th starting at 11:00 am.  Meet at Alki Bike and Board on California Ave. a few dozen paces south of Admiral Way in the Admiral District.

This month’s ride is themed: Going to California

Going to California Avenue businesses that is. From the Admiral District to the Morgan Junction there are many family owned local businesses along California Ave. within biking distance. The trick is competing with the busy California Ave. traffic while carrying your shopping items.

This ride goes the entire length from the Admiral District to Morgan Junction passing all the cool small businesses on the way without using California Ave. at all. Don’t let those funny bicycle markers (sharrows) take you for a ride. Instead, come ride with us! Bring money and be prepared to safely carry cargo. We will make a stop at the West Seattle Farmers Market and more if needed

Spokespeople is a Cascade Bicycle Club sanctioned ride and is a function of Sustainable West Seattle

February Spokespeople Ride: Alki to Discovery and Back

Join neighbors and other West Seattleites for February’s Spokespeople West Seattle ride – a Point to Point bike ride.

The Point to Point ride is a 29 mile ride from Alki Point to Discovery Point and back with one hill section midway through the ride. The pace will be a moderate pace and riders will regroup occasionally.

Prior to the actual ride, there will be time to discuss health and dietary issues. Dietitians and medical professionals are encouraged to attend. Riders under 50 years certainly may attend even though this is a fitness ride for the Over-50 and/or Over-Worked set. Spokespeople West Seattle will not concede the forgone conclusion that baby boomers will bankrupt Medicare. Baby boomers grew up on two wheels and two wheels will keep them healthy and decrease their healthcare costs. If you are also determined not to be a tax burden, please join us as we pedal our way into a very healthy age.

Spokespeople West Seattle ride details:

  • Start Date/Time:  2/06/11, 11:00AM
  • Start Location:  Alki Statue of Liberty 63rd Ave. S.W. and Alki
  • Ride Leader:  Stu Hennessey, phone 206-938-3322, emai alkistu@hotmail.com
  • Second Ride Leader:  John Reardon, phone:  206-762-2411
  • Distance:  29.03 miles round trip
  • Pace:  Moderate
  • Terrain:  Some hills
  • Map Available:  Yes
  • Regroup:  Occasional
  • Weather Cancels:  Ice/snow cancels

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Wallingford Spokespeople Ride to U-Village Saturday

This Saturday, February 5, is predicted to be a lovely sunny day and a great day for a bike ride! Wallingford Spokespeople will ride to U-Village and back again.

As they do on the first Saturday of every month, the start is from the Wallingford Playfield at 2:00 pm. We’ll try to be back no later than 4:00 pm.

The Wallingford Spokespeople route this month goes from 42nd and Densmore to 34th, to the Burke-Gilman trail most of the way to the U-Village. Getting home there will be a hill. Some of the ride is on the road in traffic. You are always welcome to walk any hills you cannot ride. This ride will be led by Michael Snyder, from Seattle Likes Bikes and a Cascade Bicycle Club-certified Ride Leader.

Nuts and Bolts

Spokespeople rides leave at 2:00 pm from the south end of Wallingford Playfield (at Densmore and N 42nd next to Hamilton Middle School) on the first Saturday of every month and ride on the road in traffic to an adjacent urban center. New riders are welcome — in fact, getting new riders on the road is the reason we do the rides! Please come no later than 1:45 pm if you are new to riding on the road, new to riding in groups, or if you need any help with adjusting your helmet or bike. Please also call a day in advance if you’d like to buy a good quality helmet from us for $10 and we’ll bring our sack of helmets. Helmets are required on our rides. If there is heavy rain, we won’t do the ride.

What if it rains? Only heavy rain will cancel the ride. We’ll decide by noon on the day of the ride. Give a call if you plan to come and don’t know if the ride is on. Expert commuters, please join us. We need you. As our rides grow larger, we welcome good bicyclists who can offer encouragement and model good road riding techniques for new, returning and reluctant cyclists. This is a Bike Smart Seattle ride. All ages and skill levels are welcome. All Spokespeople rides are led by Cascade Bicycle Club certified ride leaders.

Contact information. If you want more information about this ride or about Spokespeople, please contact Cathy Tuttle, cathy.tuttle@gmail.com, 206-547-9569 or 206-713-6269, or Michael Snyder 206-781-7221, or check out their website at www.spokespeople.us.

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January Spokespeople Ride: Alki to Kent and Back

The Spokepeople West Seattle January ride is for those Over 50 who are Over worke! The group will meet at the Alki Statue of Liberty 11:00 am Sunday, January 9th.

Over 50 Over worked.

Spokespeople West Seattle will not concede the forgone conclusion that baby boomers will bankrupt Medicare. Baby boomers grew up on two wheels and two wheels will keep them healthy and decrease their healthcare costs.

If you are also determined not to be a tax burden please join us as we pedal our way into a very healthy age. This 38 mile ride goes from Alki to Kent and back with one hill. We will have two levels of moderate pace. We also will have time before the ride to discuss health and dietary issues. Dieticians and medical professionals are encouraged to attend.

Under 50 riders may attend.

To get a view of the ride route, check out this link http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/26071848

November Spokespeople Ride: Admiral to Downtown and Back

November’s Spokespeople Ride is from Alki Bike and Board, 2606 California Ave. SW in the Admiral business district, to Downtown and back. This is 11.5 miles round trip and the ride will be an easy pace with some hills. Remember, this is a “stay together” bike ride which means at the top of hills the ride leader will wait for the rest of the pack to catch up.

If you live in West Seattle and work downtown you might want to try bicycle commuting. This ride gives you a chance to tour the routes available and be prepared for daily rides to work and back.

If you just like urban bike riding on Sunday mornings this is also a good ride for you. Join Spokespeople West Seattle as we explore the fun of daily commuting on a Sunday. Riders that would like assistance on starting a bicycle commuting plan are encouraged to attend. Rain will not cancel as we need to learn to adapt to that as well.

The ride leader will be Stu Hennessey, owner of Alki Bike and Board bicycle shop.

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