SWS Winter Solstice Party December 14

Its that time of the year when the days get short and Seattlites meet to share company and food.

Lets get together to celebrate the successes of 2012 and talk about what will be in 2013!

Sustainable West Seattle’s Winter Solstice party will be at the home of Bill Reiswig and Tonya Hennen on December 14 from 6:00 pm until we go home.

The house is located at 7102 30th Ave SW. We’ll have beer from Big Al’s and food to share. And, you should bring a dish, a salad, a side or a dessert to share as well.

You should also bring a funny or thougthful White Elephant gift from your house… no need to buy anything new… just something you want to pass on to others!

Kids are welcome! Conversation, frivolity, music, and holiday decor will mark the evening. See you there!

Sustainable West Seattle meets on the Third Monday of January, 2013, January 21, for our annual review and Board member elections.

Sustainable West Seattle is a 501(c)(3) non-profit registered in the State of Washington.

  • Our Mission Statement says that “Sustainable West Seattle educates, creates and advocates for urban sustainability in our local community.”
  • Our Vision states: “We envision a West Seattle community of empowered citizens who actively lead us toward greater self-reliance, local democracy, social justice, and existence in harmony with life on earth.”
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Go Local with CropSwap -Trade & Barter; Buy & Sell

As we head into tomato and zucchini season, a new website has a way to help you get rid of those large amounts of excess produce in exchange for something you need.

Local start-up CropSwap created a website with the mission of connecting gardeners to trade and barter or even buy and sell the fruits of their labor online or on their smart phones.  You can visit http://www.cropswap.me, create an account and list plants, vegetables, bulbs, eggs… or even preserved goods (jam fresh baked goods or home brew anyone?) that you would like to trade and browse available items in your area.  After you find something you like, make an offer to another “CropSwapper”, who can counter, accept or deny.  After a deal has been made, you arrange a convenient time and place to make the trade.

Don’t have anything to trade? Offer cash to that neighbor with chicken eggs or the other with great looking tomatoes.  You can also opt to list your items for donation to local nonprofit organizations, like Sustainable West Seattle. Consider it a trade for good karma!

CropSwap makes going local and supporting sustainability within your community easier than ever.  Produce what you can… and then connect with others near you for the rest!


Learn more..and let them know what you think:




SWS August Forum: Picnic on Beach @ Lincoln Park, Try Electric Bikes & Kayaks

August’s Sustainable West Seattle Community Forum will be our traditional pot-luck outdoor dinner barbecue at Lincoln Park Shelter #3 on Monday August 20. Join us starting at 5:00 pm and lasting through sun down.

Join us as we set up the grill and provide the condiments. Please bring your favorite summertime dish and your own cup, utensils and plates. Shelter 3 is on the beach at the south end of Lincoln Park. Sustainable West Seattle turns 5 years old this year, so be on the lookout for some green cake!

Adding to the fun, Alki Bike and Board and Alki Kayak Tours will be provide a few electric bikes, paddle boards and kayaks for you to take a spin.

SWS will also use the occasion to recognize our Sustainable Hero of the Year. Join us for some fun in the sun. Check the West Seattle Herald’s story on last year’s Hero and the West Seattle Blog’s report on last year’s Hero.

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Sharing Revolution Workshop

Didn’t get enough sharing at our Share Fair earlier this year, or just want to learn more?

The new “sharing revolution”is involved in sharing cars, houses, and working areas. They’re engaged in co-housing, ‘time banks,’ lending clubs, and local projects that share tools, exchange food produce, and even gardening space. We’re having a workshop to learn how to get involved in this movement in a way that helps reduce stress and saving the planet by increasing social ties and saving money.

Join Cecile Andrews, author of Less Is More, Slow Is Beautiful, and Circle of Simplicity, and many others on Saturday, June 23 from 10 am to 12:30 pm at the Phinney Neighborhood Center (66th and Phinney) Blue Building. It’s free, and you can join an ongoing group afterwards. For more information contact cecile@cecileandrews.com