Tour a Tiny Home at GreenLife July 8-10th!


Have you heard the BIG news about tiny homes? These low-impact dwellings are all over the media and minds of people looking to live smaller. There is only so much room on this planet and the more space we give to nature, the cleaner our air, water, and soil will remain. With so much development going on around Seattle, it is a breath of fresh air to see companies like Seattle Tiny Homes bringing the reality of low-impact living to our community.

Seattle Tiny Homes is a featured sponsor of this year’s GreenLife area at Summer Fest. They will have a Tiny Home on display all three days of the event (July 8th, 9th, and 10th) and be giving a talk about what it’s like to Live Small:

Living Small Community Presentation:

About Seattle Tiny Homes:

The way you live in a tiny space is different from everyone else. So why settle for a home that’s not designed with you in mind? Since 2010, Seattle Tiny Homes has offered a full range of options to create the perfect tiny house for you. We completely customize your home to meet your specific goals and dreams, and build it to the the highest standards of quality to last a lifetime.

Seattle Tiny Homes specializes in tiny structures on wheels. We believe smaller abodes create serenity and simplicity, and are better for the environment.  Depending on location, you can use a tiny structure as a dwelling, a mother-in-law apartment, a retirement cottage, an extra bedroom for a college student, a home office, or a studio. All our completed structures are licensed as RV travel trailers. Learn more about us at

Get Solar at GreenLife July 8-10th!


Visit the GreenLife area of Summer Fest this year to witness solar power in action and find out how to get solar for your home. Local solar installer and GreenLife sponsor West Seattle Natural Energy will be powering the GreenLife Garden Stage with a solar trailer! (Solar powered music and dance, yeah) If that’s not enough, visit their interactive booth to see solar panels up close and in action. WSNE’s own, Keith Hughes will be presenting Solar Works! on stage as well.

Solar Works! The truth about costs and benefits of going solar in the NW:

About West Seattle Natural Energy:

West Seattle Natural Energy only employs the best installers and electricians. Our eight- person team is comprised of full-time and on-call employees who share the highest standards of excellence. This camaraderie is especially evident when the WSNE staff unites to donate time, skills and materials to great causes such as Master Builders Ramp-a-thon. We maintain a sterling reputation of 100% Customer Satisfaction by employing an honest sales force, setting manageable schedules and delivering premium quality installations. Every employee on our team delivers every single day. By anticipating common installation issues and fully educating our customers, we guarantee jobs that have no frustrations, no bait and switch — and no financial surprises.

Try an Electric Bike at GreenLife July 8-10th!


Why do those old, out of shape, non racing bike riders keep passing me? Perhaps they have a secret weapon. Come hear more about electric assist bicycles from Stu Hennessey owner of Alki Bike and Board. He’ll guide you through the latest models and features to look for when considering an electric bike.

Alki Bike and Board is a featured sponsor of this year’s GreenLife area at Summer Fest. They will have a many electric bikes for you to demo all three days of the event (July 8th, 9th, and 10th) and will be giving a talk about what it’s like to Ride Clean:

Electric Bike Community Discussion: 

About Alki Bike and Board:

Located in the heart of the Admiral Junction in West Seattle, Alki Bike and Board is a staple community business. Not merely selling bikes and boards, they support sustainable business practices and advocates for carbon neutral policies and lifestyle. Along with other area non-profits, they host many community safety and awareness rides. Truly a shining example of local business in action!

VIDEO: City Council Candidate Forum

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In case you missed the GreenLife City Council Candidate Forum, here is the video from the event, graciously produced by George Nugent. This was a great public conversation about the effects of the fast paced real estate development of West Seattle. Leave your comments below to keep the conversation going.

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GreenLife Raffle Winner!

For this year’s GreenLife E-bike raffle, our big-kid friend Nina picked a winner: Mr. Dave Huber had winning ticket number 665371. He rode away with a Raleigh Tekoa 1E donated via Alki Bike and Board. I got to call Dave personally and I can tell you HE WAS VERY THANKFUL! Thanks to everyone for entering the raffle. Because of your support we raised just over $1700 to further the efforts of the organization. Stay tuned to see the great projects to come!

Happy GreenLife,

The SWS Team

EBike Raffle Winner




GreenLife Recap! WHEW!

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Wow West Seattle! You know how to kick it! What a great time at this years’ GreenLife. Big highlights include:

The Urban Farm Animal Expo drew hundreds if not thousands of people to view the animals and ask questions of the farmer herself, Christina from Gray Sky Farm. Thanks Christina.

West Seattle Fence for the beaaaaautiful Farm Animal Pen that you guys built and donated to us… It was TRULY the centerpiece of the event and so very thoughtful. Thank you Patty, James, and Crew!

All our wonderful vendors and non-profit partners, thank you.

Performances from Sameer Ranade, Aji Piper, Action Figure, Antiquarian, The Brodcast, and DJ Pedro LeBass. You all ROCKED very nicely…wow.

GreenLife sound wouldn’t be have been possible without stage setup and audio from City Council Candidate Chas Redmond who dedicated at least 20 hours of volunteer time for GreenLife this year, thanks Chas.

GreenLife stage backdrop courtesy of our friend and neighbor, Kim and John Andes. They also allowed us to borrow their TV for stage visuals! Thank you!

West Seattle Natural Energy for solar powering the GreenLife stage. Thanks.

Dedicated volunteers: Kathy, Melissa, Sierra, Tricia, Eric, Stu, Anya, Brian, and others…. great work.

Bikram Yoga West Seattle for the Hydration Station!. That made the day much easier, Thanks.

Oliver Little with Monumental Undertaking, the larger organizer of SummerFest… Pleasure working with you, excellent crew you have and thanks so much.

Susan Melrose from the West Seattle Junction Association for helping coordinate and for filling the schedule! Thanks Susan.

Salty’s restaraunt for sending Chef Doug and Lennon to prepare those Farmers Market delicacies! Big Hit!! Thanks.

All the District 1 City Council Candidates that attended the discussion on West Seattle’s Rapid Development. We appreciate your participation and willingness to answer the tough questions. Thank you very much and best of luck.

I’m sure I’ve missed someone(s). I’ll update the list as I think of ya!


The SWS Team

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2015 GreenLife Festival

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July 10th, 11th, and 12th

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[av_partner_logo id=’12833′ hover=’Alki Bike and Board’ link=’manually,’ linktitle=” link_target=’_blank’]
[av_partner_logo id=’12823′ hover=’West Seattle Nursery’ link=’manually,’ linktitle=” link_target=’_blank’]

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[av_content_slide title=’Ask Questions!’ link=” linktarget=”]

On Saturday July 11th at 2pm Sustainable West Seattle, The West Seattle Herald and the 34th Dems will be hosting a candidate’s forum on the Greenlife Stage at the West Seattle SummerFest.

Click here to ask the candidate a question!

[av_content_slide title=’Meet Farm Animals!’ link=” linktarget=”]

We thought it would be fun to partner with our friends at Gray Sky Farm to create an Urban Farm Animal Expo. You can meet the farmer herself both Friday and Saturday.
[av_content_slide title=’Try Electric Bikes!’ link=’manually,’ linktarget=”]
Ebike Image

Come on down and try riding an electric bike! Stu and crew from Alki Bike and Board will be demo’ing the latest ebikes. Ask questions, get answers, and have fun with alternative transportation at GreenLife.
[av_content_slide title=’Become a Member!’ link=’page,23′ linktarget=”]

Become a card-toting member of Sustainable West Seattle and enjoy the many discounts at local supporting businesses! Check out our Membership Program page to learn more and sign up!
[av_content_slide title=’Win an EBIKE!’ link=” linktarget=”]
EBike Raffle

Enter our GreenLife Electric Bike Raffle for your chance to win a new Raleigh electric bike courtesy of Alki Bike and Board and Sustainable West Seattle. Need a quick, green way to get to work? Invest 2 latte’s in a raffle ticket! All proceeds benefit Sustainable West Seattle.
[av_content_slide title=’Try a Family Bike!’ link=’manually,’ linktarget=’_blank’]

Our friends at will have all types of family bikes for you to try out. Come on down to the bike demo area at GreenLife and explore alternative, human powered transportation!

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[av_heading tag=’h1′ padding=’19’ heading=’Visit the GreenLife Vendors and Non-Profits’ color=” style=’blockquote classic-quote’ custom_font=” size=” subheading_active=’subheading_below’ subheading_size=’15’ custom_class=”]
Learn about local green

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[av_partner_logo id=’12824′ hover=’West Seattle Natural Energy’ link=’manually,’ linktitle=” link_target=’_blank’]
[av_partner_logo id=’12836′ hover=’Gray Sky Farm’ link=’manually,’ linktitle=” link_target=’_blank’]
[av_partner_logo id=’12827′ hover=’Interconnection’ link=’manually,’ linktitle=” link_target=’_blank’]
[av_partner_logo id=’12835′ hover=’Better Builders’ link=’manually,’ linktitle=” link_target=’_blank’]
[av_partner_logo id=’12819′ hover=’Puget Sound Solar’ link=’manually,’ linktitle=” link_target=’_blank’]
[av_partner_logo id=’12831′ hover=’Office Junction Co-Working’ link=’manually,’ linktitle=” link_target=’_blank’]
[av_partner_logo id=’12830′ hover=’Nature Consortium’ link=’manually,’ linktitle=” link_target=’_blank’]
[av_partner_logo id=’12829′ hover=’Seattle Tilth’ link=’manually,’ linktitle=” link_target=’_blank’]
[av_partner_logo id=’12837′ hover=’Mighty House Construction’ link=’manually,’ linktitle=” link_target=’_blank’]
[av_partner_logo id=’12834′ hover=’Puget Sound Beekeepers Assoc.’ link=’manually,’ linktitle=” link_target=’_blank’]
[av_partner_logo id=’12828′ hover=’Malibu Compost’ link=’manually,’ linktitle=” link_target=’_blank’]
[av_partner_logo id=’12826′ hover=’Garden Cycles’ link=’manually,’ linktitle=” link_target=’_blank’]
[av_partner_logo id=’12825′ hover=’Seattle Farm School’ link=’manually,’ linktitle=” link_target=’_blank’]
[av_partner_logo id=’12822′ hover=’The Whale Trail’ link=’manually,’ linktitle=” link_target=’_blank’]
[av_partner_logo id=’12821′ hover=’The Brodcast’ link=’manually,’ linktitle=” link_target=’_blank’]
[av_partner_logo id=’12820′ hover=’Stewardship Partners’ link=’manually,’ linktitle=” link_target=’_blank’]
[av_partner_logo id=’12855′ hover=’Washington Environmental Council’ link=’manually,’ linktitle=” link_target=’_blank’]
[av_partner_logo id=’12867′ hover=’Alki Kayak’ link=’manually,’ linktitle=” link_target=’_blank’]
[av_partner_logo id=’12915′ hover=’Salty’s on Alki’ link=’manually,’ linktitle=” link_target=’_blank’]

Participate in Local Democracy


Come on down to the District 1 City Council Candidates Forum titled:

Rapid Development in West Seattle, How do high density urban centers affect you?


On Saturday July 11th at 2pm Sustainable West Seattle, The West Seattle Herald and the 34th Dems will

be hosting a candidate’s forum on the Greenlife Stage at the West Seattle SummerFest.

This will be your final chance before the August primary to hear what the candidates for District 1, (West

Seattle and South Park) have to say about the effects of high density development and the solutions

they have in mind.

The questions will center on the issues of traffic congestion, road conditions due to construction, public

and open space, school classroom size and the changing character of a West Seattle so jam packed.

You can have a voice by leaving your question in the comment box. With limited time we can only

choose between the best questions so make yours count.

Join us at the Greenlife Festival a part of West Seattle SummerFest July 10-13 2015