Green Life Expo 2019

At Delridge Day August 10th, 11 am – 3 pm

This year Sustainable West Seattle will be joining Delridge Day with a Green Life Expo. There will be plenty of opportunity to engage with our working non-profits plus a chance to create new pathways into sustainability for our community.

City Council debate at Greenlife 2015

There will be some very interesting activities this year that will promote zero waste, electric alternative transportation options, urban community farming and our responsibilities to the surrounding Puget Sound and Salish Sea.

The Virtual Salish Sea exhibition has been given local acclaim. The exhibition created by Diver Laura James will be shown through 3D virtual reality goggles at our booth. This rare under water view of our surrounding sea gives the viewer a different perspective as to why local and personal action is important.

We will also be educating our neighbors on what it means to be zero waste. We have planned a game, “Waste or Zero Waste” where you can decide whether that consumable is right for you if you desire to be a zero waste consumer.

Puget Ridge Edible Park

Have you ever ridden an electric bike? We are offering E Bike tours to Puget Ridge Edible Park from the festival grounds using our Neighborhood Greenways route. Neighborhood Greenways are streets that prioritize bicycle and pedestrian use. Puget Ridge Edible Park is a Seattle City park being developed by the Puget Ridge Neighborhood without the use of tax dollars. This one hector park is an example of using volunteers and resourcefulness to create a giving garden and food forest open to the public. There will be groups of 4 leaving for the park about every hour.

DIY Bikes will also be having a bike repair clinic near the skatepark. Bring your bike or better yet arrive by bike and DIY Bikes will check over your bike and give you instructions on how to keep your bike running safe and smooth.

” a chance to create new pathways into sustainability for our community.”

At this year’s Green Life Expo we will be offering our third incubator grant. This $5,000 grant will be used to develop new sustainable initiatives and education in our community. The grant applicants will be asked to present their project in writing and to the public by our annual meeting in March 2020. The top grant award will be for $3000 and the second and third place winners will split the remaining $2000. Grants will be awarded based on the criteria of sustainability, waste reduction, community education and outreach as well as new ways of doing things smarter. Previous grants have been awarded to DIY Bikes, West Seattle Meaningful Movies, The Delridge Grocery and the West Seattle Timebank among others. Grant applications start at Delridge Day, August 10th 2019 and the grant application deadline is December 31st 2019. Good Luck to all applicants.

May 4th Meaningful Movie

Saturday, May 4
West Seattle Meaningful Movies presents
A Concerned Citizen
“Provides the viewer with both a history of how we got into this environmental mess as well as a roadmap for how to move forward. . . . Highly recommended!” –Anne Miller, South Seattle Climate Action Network
This film documents the work of Dr. Riki Ott, a whistleblower who predicted the Exxon Valdez oil spill hours before it happened and came to the aid of her Alaskan community in their battle to get compensation for their loss of health and income.

Recognizing the power of money in politics, she advocated for a constitutional amendment to end corporate personhood and reform campaign finance laws. 

Taking the lessons she learned as an activist, she is now spearheading “Ultimate Civics,” a complete civics curriculum that empowers students to participate in their democracy. 

“It is my hope that as people’s health, livelihoods, and property are harmed by these extreme oil activities, people will understand the need to shift off oil to safer energy options and take action to achieve true energy independence. This is the movement that I see growing in all regions of our country.” —Dr. Riki Ott Directed by Bo Boudart; 2019 41 minutes Trailer:
We will also be showing a 7-minute animated video about the Green New Deal: “A Message from the Future, with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.”
6:30  doors open for refreshments7:00 – movie,followed by optional facilitated discussion  

At High Point Neighborhood House
6400 Sylvan Way SW, Seattle 98126 Bus numbers 21 and 128
NO CHARGE, but donations gratefully received.

DIY Bikes At the West Seattle Tool Library

This Sunday, April 28th from 1 pm to 4 pm DIY Bikes will be offering free bicycle maintenance at the West Seattle Tool Library to get ready for bike month, May 2019. Bring your bike, replacement parts if needed and time to learn some basic maintenance tips and get ready to ride. For more info go to:

West Seattle Meaningful Movies presents……

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live in a world without nuclear weapons?
Come to an evening on the danger of nuclear war and how we can prevent it.
There will be two short videos, and a presentation by West Seattle Neighbors for Peace and Justice.
One of the videos is a TED Talk by Brian Toon, a professor in the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences at the University of Colorado Boulder. The other is Making Waves–Rebirth of the Golden Rule, aboutan inspiring anti-nuclear-war project of Veterans for Peace.
The whole program is about 60 minutes.   6:30  doors open for refreshments7:00 – movie,followed by optional facilitated discussion  

At High Point Neighborhood House
6400 Sylvan Way SW, Seattle 98126 Bus numbers 21 and 128
NO CHARGE, but donations gratefully received.

West Seattle Meaningful Movies


From coastal cities to our country’s heartland, Paris to Pittsburgh celebrates how people are demanding and developing real solutions to the climate emergency. As the weather grows more deadly and destructive, many of us aren’t waiting on Washington, D.C., to act.

Directed by Sidney Beaumont and Micheal Bonfiglio; presented by National Geographic; 2018 60 minutes Trailer:

Also — Bob Allen, a young man from Sunrise, will tell us about the Green New Deal. (Sunrise is a movement of young people working to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs in the process.) Sunrise is a movement to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs in the process.

6:30 – doors open for refreshments 7:00 – movie, followed by optional facilitated discussion At High Point Neighborhood House 6400 Sylvan Way SW, Seattle 98126

Bus numbers 21 and 128 NO CHARGE, but donations gratefully received.

Public Gathering March 13th featuring Virtual Salish Sea with Diver Laura James

Announcement: Please come to a gathering of Sustainable West Seattle partners and project leads. The public is invited to come and learn about the many things that are happening in their sustainable community. Where do we fit in the Green New Deal?

As a special guest, Diver Laura James will be giving tours of Virtual Salish Sea. You gotta see this!

We will also be bringing in pizza, YUM, so don’t worry about dinner as SWS will provide this. Drinks are available to purchase as we will be gathering at The Beveridge Place, 6:30 pm on Wednesday March 13th. See you there! 6413 California Ave SW   MAP

We have work to do here

SWS as a Green New Deal contributor

The Website is back!

Sustainable West Seattle once again is open for web traffic to discuss, inform and inspire, thanks to the help once again of Gene Homicki. Stay tuned for much more discussion to come including the SWS involvement in the Green New Deal as a local contributor.

We have work to do!

E Bikes a transportation solution

As Seattle evolves as a world class bicycle city people are unable to use safety as an excuse not to ride two wheel transportation. In Seattle however there is another excuse that is very commonly referred to is THE HILLS!
Well, use that excuse no more. As electric bikes evolve into real everyday transportation the hills have gotten a lot easier. You may, in fact, find yourself passing up those racer bike riders with their more expensive bikes and clothing.
As stated above, electric bikes are in a period of evolution. The modern electric bicycle has been available to the public for about ten years. During that time that electric systems have gone from barely helpful 24 volt, 250 watt systems to very helpful 52 volt, 1700 watt systems. The electric bicycle like the standard bicycle has the same freedom of regulations. The electric bike power is subject to regulations however starting with the wattage maximum at 1,000 watts and speeds unassisted by the motor at 20 mph.

E Bike

Because of the Seattle hills an E Bike that is to be used as a car replacement needs to have sufficient wattage to make the system handle the hills and not overwork, leading to early wear. This class of electric bike is class 3 model and will have a minimum of 48 volts with 350 watts. The more watts you have the less the system has to work to get up our hills.

The need for power will very with the size of the rider or the E Bikes cargo loads. These two factors also determine the range of the bike per each charge. The battery is the heart of the system and is rated on voltage and amp hours. The more amp hours the more range you will have. All the systems have multiple choices of power outputs. The higher the power selection the more power you will have but the range will come down as well.

The price range on Electric Bicycles is from 2,000 to 5,000 dollars or the price of a used car that needs a lot of expensive work. With the E Bike however you will get exercise, make it to your destination refreshed and be able to get around any congestion. Next time you are stuck in traffic remember that.

Welcome To 2017!

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Welcome to a new reality and a plethora of reasons to be involved at a local level with grassroots groups and organizations.


Yes, we are starting the year off with many challenges and with some heavy hearts as well. Let this not dismay you because here in West Seattle we have a variety of ways to keep moving forward and not backwards.

As Sustainable West Seattle moves forward into its 10th year let us celebrate the many accomplishments that have been born or supported by our efforts. Let us move forward to do much more and have a greater public involvement. The first change for this year will be that Sustainable West Seattle will no longer have a paid membership. You are ALL members through your past and future involvement as well as being citizens of West Seattle. You can however feel free to make small donations to our cause.

Here is a way to get involved as Sustainable West Seattle is looking for new board members. The commitment to the board of SWS has been designed to be easy on the time budget but does allow opportunity to start new initiatives and projects. If you have been sitting on a good thought you would like to have help with turn to SWS to help facilitate it. A once a month board meeting with brief committee reports and help with a quarterly newsletter is all that is required. Over the past couple of years we have cut the administrative work down to a minimum. As a 501c3 we are required to have annual elections for officers including President, Secretary and Treasurer. Vice Presidents can play a role to help with the role of president and to fill in any absence but are not required for a 501c3.

“As we start 2017 I believe we all can agree it is a time to RALLY.”

The main focus for SWS will be communication. We will communicate for our various projects and all forms of other community initiatives through social media, email alerts, quarterly news letter and our website. Most updates will be done at our monthly board meetings. Therefore SWS is looking for people who love to communicate on the internet. I know from my social network experience there are many of you out there.

Our biggest annual event as always will be the Greenlife Festival connected with the West Seattle Street Fair. This is a BIG opportunity for public outreach and to offer the alternatives on display and on Main Street. From nonprofits to healthcare, we have a lot of information to share that is not readily available in other contexts.

As we start 2017 I believe we all can agree it is a time to RALLY. It is time to come together as a community and support grassroots efforts to make a difference. The remainder of this newsletter will be reports from the leaders of working projects that are partnered with SWS.

Let’s give credit to these leaders in our community and give them volunteer support where they need it.
Happy and invigorated New Years to All of you and thanks for being a part of Sustainable West Seattle.

January 2017 newsletter

Vision Zero a refreshing thought

Mayor Ed Murray inspired us all this week when he unveiled his Vision Zero traffic initiative. The plan is to eliminate all traffic fatalities which is a lofty goal indeed but there could be other refreshing results. The main component of the plan is to lower speed limits throughout the city which would lessen the impact in the case of an accident as well as provide a greater reaction time to avoid accidents. These lower speed limits drastically increase the chance of survival, especially for vulnerable users such as pedestrians and cyclists but will only increase the daily travel time by mere seconds and minutes. This slower pace may also be what our community needs at this time. The way our society has been moving ever faster through life is an ill that many of us bear. A slower pace may do us some good as described by Cecil Andrews in her book “Slow is Beautiful” . The slower pace also has the potential for reducing individual transportation carbon emissions. Let’s embrace this idea.