Green Life Expo 2019

At Delridge Day August 10th, 11 am – 3 pm

This year Sustainable West Seattle will be joining Delridge Day with a Green Life Expo. There will be plenty of opportunity to engage with our working non-profits plus a chance to create new pathways into sustainability for our community.

City Council debate at Greenlife 2015

There will be some very interesting activities this year that will promote zero waste, electric alternative transportation options, urban community farming and our responsibilities to the surrounding Puget Sound and Salish Sea.

The Virtual Salish Sea exhibition has been given local acclaim. The exhibition created by Diver Laura James will be shown through 3D virtual reality goggles at our booth. This rare under water view of our surrounding sea gives the viewer a different perspective as to why local and personal action is important.

We will also be educating our neighbors on what it means to be zero waste. We have planned a game, “Waste or Zero Waste” where you can decide whether that consumable is right for you if you desire to be a zero waste consumer.

Puget Ridge Edible Park

Have you ever ridden an electric bike? We are offering E Bike tours to Puget Ridge Edible Park from the festival grounds using our Neighborhood Greenways route. Neighborhood Greenways are streets that prioritize bicycle and pedestrian use. Puget Ridge Edible Park is a Seattle City park being developed by the Puget Ridge Neighborhood without the use of tax dollars. This one hector park is an example of using volunteers and resourcefulness to create a giving garden and food forest open to the public. There will be groups of 4 leaving for the park about every hour.

DIY Bikes will also be having a bike repair clinic near the skatepark. Bring your bike or better yet arrive by bike and DIY Bikes will check over your bike and give you instructions on how to keep your bike running safe and smooth.

” a chance to create new pathways into sustainability for our community.”

At this year’s Green Life Expo we will be offering our third incubator grant. This $5,000 grant will be used to develop new sustainable initiatives and education in our community. The grant applicants will be asked to present their project in writing and to the public by our annual meeting in March 2020. The top grant award will be for $3000 and the second and third place winners will split the remaining $2000. Grants will be awarded based on the criteria of sustainability, waste reduction, community education and outreach as well as new ways of doing things smarter. Previous grants have been awarded to DIY Bikes, West Seattle Meaningful Movies, The Delridge Grocery and the West Seattle Timebank among others. Grant applications start at Delridge Day, August 10th 2019 and the grant application deadline is December 31st 2019. Good Luck to all applicants.

Author: stu

Longtime West Seattle neighbor and lifetime Seattle resident. Growing up surrounded by trees, mountains and seas the instinctive feeling of being one with nature will never leave my consciousness. I am on the core group of several Sustainable West Seattle endeavors. Carbon free transportation associated with West Seattle Spokespeople and DIY Bikes as well as growing food locally at Puget Ridge Edible Park (PREP) are my passions and commitments to a healthier and happier community.