SWS Hosts Sustainable Documentary Filmmakers from UK

The secret of change….

This past week various board members of Sustainable West Seattle had the opportunity to meet with a couple from England who were in the process of filming a documentary, The Secret of Change.

Zoe Moyden and Chris Bettles are the young couple who are spending their own savings to tour the west coast from Canada to Mexico and visit groups like Sustainable West Seattle to document what they are doing. You see Chris and Zoe are from Bristol UK which is a transition town. The transition movement is a burgeoning act of community change that assumes we will not always be energized by fossil fuels. Chris and Zoe have come here to the West Coast to see what is going on from the bottom up, grassroots efforts to transition to a healthier and happier community of the future, post cheap oil.

The word transition has been kicked around within the sustainable communities as we look to other parts of the world for leadership and ideas. There is a great deal of thought already put into this effort and the methods on which we could transition. We have also been aware that by definition sustainable means a static, less dynamic condition of stabilization (even though we interpret it to mean much more). So it was very enlightening for all of us to have this interaction with two lovely and brilliant (their favorite word) young people from Bristol England.

I think anyone who spent time with them could see their enthusiasm and appreciation for the things we are doing at Sustainable West Seattle but I in particular was struck by the base departure from the way we describe ourselves. Recognizing a well branded word like sustainable has fueled our use of the word until it has also become the word of choice for large industrial businesses that have no intention at all to transition. The transition movement also appears to be more upwardly mobile as the transition town concept is a declaration that this town (city) is making a change to a cleaner form of energy as well as a happier community at municipal levels. There have also been declarations at county levels in transition strongholds. Why can’t we go big and declare a transition country or entire planet.

The secret of Change… I think perhaps the secret of change is the ability to change at all. The secret of change is you and me and all who are brave enough or energetic enough to propose a change and make it stick. Sustainable West Seattle is now in its 8th year of existence. They have been a good 8 years with much to celebrate and realize as the fruit of the seed that was planted. I think it might be time for a change as I was inspired so much by our visitors from the UK. Perhaps it is time for us to become America’s largest transition city or transition West Seattle.  Your thoughts:

The Secret of Change will be crowd sourcing their p[production this fall. Keep them in your thoughts. Good Luck Chris and Zoe!