GreenLife Recap! WHEW!

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Wow West Seattle! You know how to kick it! What a great time at this years’ GreenLife. Big highlights include:

The Urban Farm Animal Expo drew hundreds if not thousands of people to view the animals and ask questions of the farmer herself, Christina from Gray Sky Farm. Thanks Christina.

West Seattle Fence for the beaaaaautiful Farm Animal Pen that you guys built and donated to us… It was TRULY the centerpiece of the event and so very thoughtful. Thank you Patty, James, and Crew!

All our wonderful vendors and non-profit partners, thank you.

Performances from Sameer Ranade, Aji Piper, Action Figure, Antiquarian, The Brodcast, and DJ Pedro LeBass. You all ROCKED very nicely…wow.

GreenLife sound wouldn’t be have been possible without stage setup and audio from City Council Candidate Chas Redmond who dedicated at least 20 hours of volunteer time for GreenLife this year, thanks Chas.

GreenLife stage backdrop courtesy of our friend and neighbor, Kim and John Andes. They also allowed us to borrow their TV for stage visuals! Thank you!

West Seattle Natural Energy for solar powering the GreenLife stage. Thanks.

Dedicated volunteers: Kathy, Melissa, Sierra, Tricia, Eric, Stu, Anya, Brian, and others…. great work.

Bikram Yoga West Seattle for the Hydration Station!. That made the day much easier, Thanks.

Oliver Little with Monumental Undertaking, the larger organizer of SummerFest… Pleasure working with you, excellent crew you have and thanks so much.

Susan Melrose from the West Seattle Junction Association for helping coordinate and for filling the schedule! Thanks Susan.

Salty’s restaraunt for sending Chef Doug and Lennon to prepare those Farmers Market delicacies! Big Hit!! Thanks.

All the District 1 City Council Candidates that attended the discussion on West Seattle’s Rapid Development. We appreciate your participation and willingness to answer the tough questions. Thank you very much and best of luck.

I’m sure I’ve missed someone(s). I’ll update the list as I think of ya!


The SWS Team

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