Native Bareroot Plant Sale: Buy Now, Pick Up in February – Trees, Ground Covers

plant-sale-happy-customerThe 2015 King Conservation District announces their Native Bareroot Plant Sale featuring more than three dozen species of native trees, shrubs and groundcovers. All orders placed by the end of November get an automatic 10% Early Bird Discount!

Pick up orders Saturday, February 28th adjacent to the KCD offices at 1107 SW Grady Way, Renton. For a link to the full plant list and details on online ordering, go to our website and click on Shop Now!

Below are brief descriptions of the wide variety of plants available in the King Conservation District Native Plant Sale.

Deciduous Trees
Grace the Northwest
     Deciduous trees light up the landscape with beautiful spring flowers and showy fall foliage, and then lose their leaves to provide filtered light in winter. Many of them provide nectar for pollinators and edible fruits for wildlife.
This year we have four species of deciduous trees which are sold in bundles of 10 for $16. For details and online ordering see Deciduous Trees.

Don’t Forget
Ground Covers!

The seven ground covers in this year’s KCD Native Plant Sale range from sunloving native strawberries to shade-tolerant Oregon grape. New this year are Deer Ferns and Fringecup, both of which prefer moist soils.
For photos and details on each species see Ground Covers.

Some Like it Wet

Moisture-loving Deer Ferns are available for the first time in this year’s sale. They’re included in a selection of more than a dozen species that require damp soils. Some of the plants love full sun, while others prefer deep shade. Details are on our online order form for each species that is Wet Loving.

Edible Berries Provide for People and Wildlife

     This year’s Native Plant Sale includes ten species selected for edible berries. Food-producing plants were an important source of nutrition in native diets. They’re tasty right off the bush for people and wildlife. For details see Edible Berries.