With Summer Here, Birds Need Water

birds in birdbathBirds require water year-round, but as the summer heat is in full force, water can be a magnet for attracting feathered friends to your yard. Not only will a bird bath provide neighborhood birds with a much needed drink, but it can also be a gathering place for them to take a refreshing dip or an instant attraction for insect eating migrants.

Here are five tips for creating a bath that both welcomes and attracts a variety of birds:

  • Keep it shallow.To entice small birds to jump in, a bath should be no more than 3 inches deep.
  • Provide extra footing. To allow birds to get a foothold while bathing, the interior surface should be textured. If you have a container that is a little too deep and slippery, line the bottom with gravel or stones.
  • Set up your bath near shrubs or trees. In order for birds to be attracted to your bird bath, they need a quick escape route if they sense a predator.
  • Clean it regularly. Since mosquitoes’ breeding cycle is a minimum of a week, replacing water every few days will ensure the pests don’t become a problem.
  • Consider running water. The sound of water can be heard by birds from some distance and will draw them in. Try a multiple-tiered bird bath, fountain, bubbler or even a mister.