Lowman Beach Combined Sewer Overflow Project Update, Soil Wall Being Built

MurraySoilWallFlyerDuring the week of March 17, King County’s contractor will begin work to stabilize the Lincoln Park Way SW hillside behind the Murray Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Control Facility project site. Stabilizing the hillside will control erosion and protect nearby private property and streets during excavation for the facility’s one-million gallon storage tank. The facility will help keep sewage and polluted stormwater out of Puget Sound.

To build a soil nail wall, crews drill steel rods into the hillside and attach them to a screen. The screen will then be covered in concrete to complete the wall and reinforce the hillside.

Crews will first improve access to the site from Beach Drive SW for heavy machinery needed to build the soil nail wall. The machinery will be tested during the week of March 17, and work to begin building the soil nail wall will start during the week of March 24.  The work is expected to take about one month to complete.

What to expect:

  • Work will occur on weekdays from 7:00 am through 6:00 pm
  • Continued access to Beach Drive SW, Lowman Beach Park’s facilities and beach
  • No parking on the eastern side of Beach Drive SW; imited parking on the western side of Beach Drive SW
  • Pedestrians and bicyclists are encouraged to use Beach Drive SW’s western sidewalk
  • Increased noise and activity
  • Heavy equipment and truck traffic on and around the project site

For more information or to comment call the 24-hour project information line: 206-205-9186, or search “Murray tank” at kingcounty.gov. Send questions to the online feedback form.  For further information contact Doug Marsano, Community Relations Lead, King County Wastewater Treatment Division by phone at 206-477-5549, or cell at 206-423-0480, or email at Doug.Marsano@kingcounty.gov