Capture Runoff: RainWise Program Open To Sunrise Heights & Westwood Neighborhoods Through End of 2015

rainwise2013areasKing County Wastewater Division is making the voluntary incentive program, RainWise, available in  Sunrise Heights and Westwood neighborhoods of West Seattle through 2015. Many residents have already installed a rain garden and/or cistern through the program, beautifying yards and improving water quality in Puget Sound. There are currently 36 RainWise projects underway in the Barton basin. If you are interested in becoming RainWise, check your eligibility and learn about the process by visiting  Click to see the South End Contractor roster list which includes trained contractors ready and willing to work in your neighborhood.

The Northwest Green Home Tour ( on April 26 will include RainWise installations in the Highland Park and South Park neighborhoods.  Check them out during the home tour and talk with RainWise contractors and homeowners who have been through the program.

If you live on one of the streets that will have roadside rain gardens installed this year as part of the Barton CSO Control Project, you will need to avoid installing a rain garden or cistern for about two months during active construction on your street. At different times during street construction, crews will be closing roads to through traffic, impacting parking, and it will be too difficult to have other construction projects going on. To check on the status of street construction, visit the project website ( or call the project hotline: 206-205-9184 or contact Kristine Cramer, Community Services and Environmental Planning,Wastewater Treatment Division, by phone at 206-255.7089 or email at