Camp Long Announces Summer “NatureQuest” Day Camp Program

Camp Long LodgeSeattle’s only overnight camping park, Camp Long has announced their Summer NatureQuest Day Camp program with activities and locations designed for all participants to explore more environments all over West Seattle and beyond!

Making plans for the summer? Be sure to include Summer Nature Day Camp! Camp Long is sponsoring Nature Day Camps that will meet at a different park each week, so there is a real opportunity to explore. Camps will be held at Schmitz, Longfellow Creek, Me-Kwa-Mooks, Lincoln and Camp Long parks. Each week will also focus on a theme like Watershed Wonders, Urban Wildlife Jungle, Winged Wonders and Survivor Week.

  • Program Hours: 9:00 am to 4:00 p
  • Age: 6-12
  • Registration Opens: 3/7/14
  • Cost: $215/wk, Sibling Discount: $10
  • To Register: Call 206-684-7434

Schedule of Classes and Locations

  • Week 1 (6/30 to 7/3): Watershed Wonders (Camp Long) ($175; sibling discount $8 pro-rated 4 day week)

Wonder what’s a watershed? Come discover the Longfellow Creek Watershed and follow the creek through magical places like the Salmon Bone Bridge and the Dragonfly Pavilion. Learn how land and water shape each other, observe creek wildlife and build a watershed model. We’ll also hold a Science Council to make decisions about an imaginary watershed, while exploring the many ways humans affect our watersheds.

  • Week 2 (7/7 to 7/11): Journey through the Intertidal Zone (Mee Kwa Mooks)

Search for life between the tides and discover how plants and animals have adapted to such changing conditions. Set up a beach science station where you can examine animals in their unique habitat. Learn how sea stars move, how clams and barnacles eat, and much more about the critters you find above and below the rocks, sand and water.

  • Week 3 (7/14 to 7/18): Urban Wildlife Jungle (Camp Long)

It is a jungle out there and worth investigating! Seattle is one of the Top 10 Cities for Urban Forests. Become a scientist and explore this urban wilderness in the Camp Long woods. Unearth the forest’s secrets and learn how hawks, owls, coyotes, fox and a multitude of songbirds live here. In every layer you’ll find clues. Identify native plant species that have grown here for centuries and investigate the role forests have in human survival. Learn how you can be involved in forest protection!

  • Week 4 (7/21 to 7/25): Schmitz Park Wildlife Jungle (Schmitz Park)

What makes Schmitz forest special are some very old trees still standing. Wander through this native ecosystem and gather clues as to how everything is connected. Explore huge old tree stumps and see evidence of logging from years ago. Answer the same questions as above for the Camp Long forest but in the unique environment of Schmitz Park.

  • Week 5 (7/28 to 8/1): History Happenings (Schmitz Park)

The natural and human history of Seattle is rich and diverse. From glaciers to Native Americans to European settlers, this area has a lot to tell. How did Puget Sound form? Where and how did Northwest Coast Indians live? And what major changes have occurred through the centuries? Take a treasure hunt around West Seattle to find your answers to these questions and more.

  • Week 6 (8/4 to 8/8): Winged Wonders (Lincoln Park)

Birds live in every habitat – forest, desert, fresh and salt water, icy, tropical – you name it, they are everywhere. Get to know the avian life all around us and gain skill at observing and identifying the numerous birds of Seattle. Learn using sight and sound, as well as watching behavior, how these adaptive creatures have survived and ways that we can support them. Binoculars are provided.

  • Week 7 (8/11 to 8/15): Watershed Wonders (Longfellow Creek South)

Learn the ways of a watershed as described above, but explore a different section of Longfellow Creek. Journey through restored.

Camp Long is located at 5200 35th Ave. SW, Seattle, Phone 206-684-7434, FAX 206-684-7435, or email at  For a current list of rental fees, please see reservations/feesandcharges/contents.htm.