City Light Environment Report Available; Plans On Deploying Smart Meters

Seattle City Light Neon SignThe Seattle City Light 2013 Environment Report now available.

As a municipal untility, we should be proud of City Light for many reasons, City Light says, including their protection of fish and wildlife habitats, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, resource conservation, and collaboration with stakeholders on environmental issues related to City Light’s electricity generation and distribution.

The 2013 Environment Report, their second report of this kind, is full of examples of the utility’s commitment to environmental stewardship. Visit Seattle City Light’s environment pages to read the report and learn more about City Light’s efforts and accomplishments.

City Light Says “Get Ready for Advanced Meters!”

Starting in 2016, City Light will be rolling out an exciting new technology – Advanced Metering!

This new generation of metering is the foundation of the “Smart Grid,” and will deliver more reliability and provide for more accuracy in billing. City Light is also hoping it will help their customers save money on their City Light bill by providing them more information on their energy use.

City Light conducted a series of public meetings about this initiative last summer, and have been collecting comments on their Advanced Metering website since mid-2013. One of the most common questions City Light receives is about the role of the meter readers. The good news is that we don’t anticipate any layoffs – many current employees are eligible for retirement in the next five years, so it is City Light’s plan to retrain the meter readers for jobs in other parts of the utility.

City Light has also been asked about the option of “opting out” of having an advanced meter installed. While there will be an opt-out policy, City Light says they are confident that most customers will see the advantages to advanced metering.

For more on the Advanced Metering Initiative check out Advanced Metering website.