Barton CSO Project Getting Ready for Sunrise Heights/Westwood Tree Planting

Barton PlansIn November, King County will transplant 24 trees within the Barton CSO Control project area to make room for the future bioretention swales (swales).  This project will install swales on 15 blocks in the Sunrise Heights and Westwood neighborhoods to capture stormwater runoff and reduce combined sewer overflows into Puget Sound during heavy rains.

Staff will be in the neighborhood posting fliers on trees that will be transplanted. Fliers will indicate the location for transplant.  Trees marked with pink ribbons will be transplanted to another location in the public right of way, and trees marked with orange ribbons will be delivered to homeowners.  Earlier this year, King County notified project area residents of the opportunity to give these trees a home, and we will be in touch with individuals receiving trees to confirm their interest.  Trees delivered to homeowners will be replanted by the homeowner, and it is expected that these trees will be planted on their property.  Relocation will occur on or after November 6.

For more information contact Kristine Cramer at 206-263.3184, or cell: 206-255.7089, or by email at, or check out the King County Wastewater site