Know Your Neighborhood? Feet First Invites You To Lead Urban Walks

Solstice Park WalkFeet First is inviting anyone in Seattle to participate in a fun and educational walk involving exploring neighborhoods, discussing city planning and what a walkable neighborhood is, and meeting new neighbors.

Become a part of Jane’s Walk Seattle May 4th and 5th!

Jane’s Walk is a series of conversational walking tours inspired by urban thinker Jane Jacobs, that helps put people in touch with where they live and with each other. It bridges social and geographic gaps, creating a space for cities to discover themselves. Last year 17 countries and 85 cities participated.

Anyone can lead a walk. Do you have a story to tell? Do you know your neighborhood like the back of your hand? Perhaps you’re a newcomer and can share your experience of learning about your new city? Do you have an idea for a fun, informative, unusual way of looking at cities and neighborhoods? You could lead a Jane’s Walk! 

There are only two rules:

  • Walks should be taken and given for free, and
  • They should be walking conversations.

The rest is entirely up to the walkers, and the conversation topics are as varied as the people taking part, from art and architecture to potholes and shortcuts and from video surveillance to the urban forest: anything that helps you and others better understand our cities and neighborhoods as places and spaces.

Want to lead a walk? Feet First will help promote your walk locally. Contact Jillian Witt at

About Feet First 

Since 2001, Feet First has worked to ensure that all communities in Washington are walkable. Feet First helps people take steps that create better places to live, learn, shop, work and play—a world that cares about health, community and design. One of the many ways Feet First engages with residents in walkable communities is through events that promote informative and engaging conversations about walkability in our communities. For more information about Feet First, visit their website For more information on Jane’s Walk International visit