April Forum: Successful Gardening with Nature II – Designing Perfect Garden

Sustainable West Seattle’s April Forum, a continuation of our Spring series “Successful Gardening with Nature,” will be on Monday, April 15, at the West Seattle Community Orchard.  This time we’re looking at  “Designing the Perfect Garden.”

Before you start planting, start planning, it’s as simple as that. Successful food gardens are well planned to take advantage of natural features such as sun and shade as well as structural features like walls, concrete and fences. From pathways to the kitchen a good plan benefits plant to plant interaction, pest control, aesthetics, and ease of gardening.

  • Where:
    • West Seattle Community Orchard, South Seattle Community College;
  • When:
    • 6:00 pm Meet and Greet, SWS announcements;
    • 6:15 to 6:55 pm, Tour the Orchard with Q & A regarding the orchard plan;
    • 7:00 to 8:00 pm,  Food from local gardens and drink will be served, followed by a power point presentation with local gardens being shown as well as permaculture design principles being described. The 3 dimensional garden will be described.

Come and enjoy the company of fellow gardeners and learn perhaps some new tricks.