EWG Publishes Guide to Good Food on a Tight Budget, Including School Lunches

The Environmental Working Group, in collaboration with Share Our Strength, has published a new shopping guide that looks at 100 foods that are healthy, inexpensive, clean and green. The guide features simple tips for eating well, tasty recipes for meals and kids’ snacks, as well as proven money-saving tools for tracking food prices and planning meals.

Check out EWG’s Good Food on a Tight Budget – including 15 recipes that average less than $1 per serving and tips like:

  • A pear a day keeps the pesticides away – more fiber, potassium and folate than an apple and fewer pesticide residues;
  • Eat your garnish – parsley packs a punch as potent as kale for a quarter the price;
  • Not a carrot lover? Sweet potatoes pack twice the fiber, potassium, and vitamin A as carrots;
  • Super okra? Okra beat out more than 100 other veggies to rise to the top of our lists.

Did you know: one serving of filling oatmeal is about half the cost of a bowl of sugared cereal? For animal sources of protein – roasted turkey tops the list. But to eat on the cheap, you can’t beat pinto beans or lentils for one-fifth the cost.

These tips are perfect for back-to-school, too – and to help you plan out those important meals, the guide’s lead author, EWG nutritionist Dawn Undurraga, pulled together visual suggestions for a week of easy lunches, click here to see the guide.