High Ropes Hub & Spoke Being Added to Camp Long Challenge Course

Seattle Parks and Recreation, the Department of Neighborhoods, King County Youth Sports, Washington State Extension 4-H Youth Development Program, and the Camp Long Advisory Council are excited to announce the installation of the Hub and Spoke component of the Camp Long Challenge Course.

This park element, phase 2 of the Ropes Challenge Course at Camp Long, offers an opportunity for participants to learn skills such as problem solving, communication, cooperation and teamwork.

The Camp Long Advisory Council has been working and fundraising for the Challenge Course for some for some six years. The Hub and Spoke element is both physically and mentally challenging, consisting of high platforms, interconnected activities, routes on slim beams, wobbly steps, and swings and ropes to clutch or walk on.

Trained facilitators lead participants, always harnessed in safety equipment, through the course. The course requires physical and mental coordination. A hub and spoke course is built like a wheel; activities radiate from a center hub with a large platform to the outside poles, which are then connected together by other activities. The course will feature student focused curricula that use activities to strengthen critical life skills including decision making, self confidence, positive risk taking, self esteem and leadership.

Washington State University Extension, a leader with 30 years’ experience in adventure education experience, 4-H and Vision Leadership, Inc. are installing the course, with assistance from Parks crews. The construction of the challenge course includes the removal of some trees. To select trees for removal, Parks’ Arboriculturist used these criteria: impact on the course objectives, the health of trees, protection of the canopy, erosion control, tree root protection, and tree value in terms of forest health and diversity. Parks’ Arboriculturist worked to preserve the tree canopy and will replace the trees by a 2:1 ratio as part of our Camp Long Vegetation Management Plan to create a healthier forest across the park. Construction starts in mid-August and is expected to be completed by the end of September.

For more information on the project, please click here. To learn more about the Challenge Course, please email Ken Turner, Challenge Course Manager, Seattle Parks and Recreation, at keno.turner@seattle.gov, or call him at 206-399-2205.

Camp Long is one of Seattle’s best kept secrets. Located in West Seattle, this 68 acre park offers visitors an opportunity to enjoy nature, hike in the forest, camp overnight in rustic cabins, rock climb, and learn about natural history. For more information: http://www.seattle.gov/parks/environment/camplong.htm