Lowman Beach Pump Station Work Underway

King County contractors will be working at the County’s Murray Pump Station in Lowman Beach Park to replace the pump station’s wet well grating. The contractor will begin work the week of July 16. The project will take about a month to complete and will reduce access to the southeastern corner of Lowman Beach Park. Public access to the swing set, tennis court and beach will be maintained.

What to expect

  • Work hours typically  7 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. weekdays.
  • More noise and activity at the site
  • Construction fencing and boom truck on site
  • Reduced access to southeastern corner of the park.
  • Three closed parking spaces on Beach Drive Southwest.

Why is the project necessary?

To protect public health and the environment

King County operates the Murray Pump Station to transport West Seattle’s sewage and storm water for treatment at the County treatment plant in Magnolia. The pump station keeps Puget Sound clean and prevents sewer spills into homes and streets.

To ensure worker safety

Corrosive gases from wastewater have damaged the grating above the pump station wet well over time. A new grate will allow County operations and maintenance staff to continue working safely in the pump station.

For more information contact Doug Marsano, Water Quality Planner, King County Wastewater Treatment Division, phone 206-684-1235 or email Doug Marsano Doug.Marsano@kingcounty.gov

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