Go Local with CropSwap -Trade & Barter; Buy & Sell

As we head into tomato and zucchini season, a new website has a way to help you get rid of those large amounts of excess produce in exchange for something you need.

Local start-up CropSwap created a website with the mission of connecting gardeners to trade and barter or even buy and sell the fruits of their labor online or on their smart phones.  You can visit http://www.cropswap.me, create an account and list plants, vegetables, bulbs, eggs… or even preserved goods (jam fresh baked goods or home brew anyone?) that you would like to trade and browse available items in your area.  After you find something you like, make an offer to another “CropSwapper”, who can counter, accept or deny.  After a deal has been made, you arrange a convenient time and place to make the trade.

Don’t have anything to trade? Offer cash to that neighbor with chicken eggs or the other with great looking tomatoes.  You can also opt to list your items for donation to local nonprofit organizations, like Sustainable West Seattle. Consider it a trade for good karma!

CropSwap makes going local and supporting sustainability within your community easier than ever.  Produce what you can… and then connect with others near you for the rest!


Learn more..and let them know what you think: