Seattle Neighborhood Greenways Now Online with Comprehensive Website

The grass-roots and community groups which are working together on creating a set of neighborhood greenways have created an online resource –

What are Greenways?  Seattle Neighborhood Greenways are residential streets generally one off of main arterials with low volumes of auto traffic and low speeds where people who walk and ride bicycles are given priority.

Who are Greenways people? We all are!

Formed in August 2011, Seattle Neighborhood Greenways is a rapidly growing volunteer coalition now representing 14 (as of May 2012) neighborhoods across Seattle to plan and advocate for safe, equitable, and comfortable streets connecting us to the places we use, whether we walk, drive, ride a bike, push a stroller, or move by wheelchair.

Imagine your neighborhood, knitted together with quiet residential streets where children and adults safely walk, ride bicycles, play and run. Imagine these streets are close to where you live and connect you to the places you want to go.  Want to know more, check out:

Seattle Neighborhood Greenways

See the Neighborhoods page to find your local group.

Seattle Neighborhood Greenways can  be reached at