Walking on Logs Needs Able-bodied Help with Hole Digging and Tree Planting

The Walking on Logs Landscape Restoration Group (WOLLRG) is excited to announce that the new landscaping for the Walking on Logs site will be installed later this Saturday, April 21st, and Saturday, April 28th. We obtained final sign-off from SDOT for our landscaping plan in November 2011. On April 21 we will be at the site laying out the planting diagram and using augurs to dig the holes for the trees and shrubs that will be going in on the following Saturday, April 28.

We are looking for volunteers. For Saturday, April 21, we need a dozen or so very able bodied volunteers to work in two hour shifts to handle the two-person augurs; we will also need volunteers for blackberry removal, trash pick-up and bagging up green waste for disposal.

For Saturday April 28, we’ll need volunteers, again in two hour shifts, for additional blackberry removal, putting trees and shrubs into the ground, applying soil amendments, staking trees, and collecting and bagging green waste for removal. Safety goggles and ear plugs (as needed) will be supplied as well as safety vests for all volunteers.

Anyone willing to help with blackberry removal will need to bring their own sturdy leather gloves. We have a small supply of cotton gloves for use in other tasks. All volunteers should be aware that the site is not easy to negotiate. In addition to the steep slope, the ground is uneven and will be quite muddy. Volunteers should email us at ruth.hoover@comcast.net to let us know which date(s) and time(s) you are available and which tasks you are able to help out with. Ruth will get back with you to confirm dates/times and provide additional details.

This project is funded in part by a Neighborhood Matching Fund award from the City of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods. Funding was also provided by the West Seattle Garden Tour and numerous West Seattle residents.