2012 West Seattle Community Garage Sale

The West Seattle Tool Library has spent the last two years helping hundreds of families clean out their garages. When we originally started, we imagined having a few hundred tools and a few hundred members.  Instead, we’ve amassed an impressive collection of over 1500 tools, from cider presses to portable table saws.    And we’ve discovered that there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.

If you look through our inventory, under certain tool categories, you’ll notice that we have a lot of almost identical tools.  Some of those tool collections, like our 29 extension cords and 13 weed whackers, are necessary because we have weeks when all of them go out.  Others, like our collection of 100 hammers or 17 power drills, are full of redundancies.

We are pleased to announce that we will be selling our redundancies during the upcoming West Seattle Community Garage Sale.  Our sale will feature a few hundred tools, some of which can be viewed at our website.

We’ll have a $2 table, a $1 table, and a free box filled with broken tools and scrap wood.  If you’re looking to build a power tool dragster for the upcoming drag races, look no further than our collection of broken circular saws.

We will also be selling seeds and starts for the Community Orchard of West Seattle.  If you’re looking for strawberry plants, chive plants or veggie  seeds, check out our selection!

During the garage sale, we are also hoping to add to our collection.  Our wish list is available here.  Some of the highlights on that list include:  A heavy duty electric chipper, a heavy duty electric pressure washer, wheelbarrows, clamps of any kind, and metal working tools.  If you see something from our list while you’re out shopping, we’d love you to pick it up for us and bring it on down.  We’re also up for doing a swap.  Something you have and don’t need will be happily bartered for something you do need from our tools for sale.

Finally, we’ll be up in the Chase Bank parking lot on Edmunds and California following the sale to collect any tools or glassware that didn’t sell during your sale.  Please stop by and drop off any electric, pneumatic, or hand tools for the Tool Library and any wine glasses, beer glasses, mugs and tea cups for the reusable dish library.

Happy shopping!