Intro to Jewelry Making @ The Tool Library

Introduction to Jewelry Making
Tuesday, December 13, 7-9pm

Learn the basics of beading and wirework. Techniques learned include crafting clasps, wire wrapping and beading to begin creating a bracelet or necklace to complete at home.
Instructor: Jill Sundberg
Cost: $20 + $5 materials
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Intro to Jewelry Making  is the third class in the Tool Library’s Homemade for the Holidays series. From soap making to homemade liqueurs, from basic jewelry design to easy canning, The Tool Library hopes to offer you a number of ways to make handcrafted goods at home in the spirit of a do-it-yourself holiday season.

All classes are held Tuesday evenings at the West Seattle Tool Library workshop at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, 4408 Delridge Way SW.

For more information on the Homemade for the Holidays series and all other events at the Tool Library, please visit The Tool Library’s Event Calendar.









The Fixers’ Collective @ The West Seattle Tool Library

The West Seattle Fixers’ Collective is a group of folks from all over Seattle who love to fix and mend anything from broken blenders to ripped sweaters to antique dentist drills. Take it apart, put it back together, figure out how it works, refuse to throw it away, have some pizza, and get to know others who do the same!  What the collective works on depends entirely on who shows up but there’s often plenty of creativity involved and no experience necessary.

To give a little better sense of what Fixers’ is all about, here’s a great clip that features our friends at the Brooklyn Fixers’ Collective:

Grist TV: The Fixers’ Collective

So feel free to stop by The West Seattle Tool Library to share your passion for fixing and mending, to have a few things of your own fixed, or simply to check out some of the cool projects that walk through our door!