An Open Letter to Occupy Seattle

To The Honorable Representatives of the 99%:

The last ten years have shown that our nation’s economic and political systems are clearly broken.  In the wake of a dramatic recession, the economic health of average Americans has been devastated and our national leadership has been ineffective, if not downright counter-productive, in bringing forth a remedy.  As long as most Americans remain complacent or silent in their frustration, this horrid situation is unlikely to improve.

Your actions, however, have helped to awaken our country from that stupor.  It’s simply inspirational to see so many now demanding to be counted and refusing to back down.  Encouraging public participation and awareness on these subjects is vital to the mission of Sustainable West Seattle, as we educate, create, and advocate for urban sustainability.  We therefore seek to pursue our own mission by offering our firm support to the peaceful and powerful efforts of Occupy Seattle.

Over just the course of the last year, our organization has held numerous community forums on reforming campaign finance, seeking alternatives to a growth economy, and protecting our natural resources.  We are delighted to hear those sentiments and others echoed in the persistent voices of the 99%.

Your outspoken efforts here in Seattle are a grand invitation for Americans everywhere to demand representation as we sustainably rebuild our nation for the inclusive benefit of all rather than the exclusive benefit of a powerful few.  We gratefully support you, and look forward to the continued growth and influence of the Occupy movement in every city, community, and household throughout our country.

Thank you for raising your voices here in Seattle.  Stay warm.


Sustainable West Seattle