Thank you, Stewart Wechsler

Stewart Wechsler
Stewart Wechsler discusses the uses of plants during Sustainable West Seattle event.

We’re very late (hey, we’re all volunteers!) posting a big thank you to Stewart Wechsler for leading our Urban Foraging Walk through Lincoln Park on July 18.

The event was one of our best-attended of the year and was an incredibly educational event. Those that attended will never walk through Lincoln Park, or any northwest forest setting for that matter, without looking at the surrounding plant life in a whole new way.

Stewart is an ecological consultant, nature guide and botanist who has placed a special focus on maintaining the beauty and native texture of this magical park. Stewart offers education programs, nature walks and has led many local kids on memorable field trips.

Stewart Wechsler

To invite Stewart to speak at your local school or organization or for advice on site-appropriate native plants that enhance our local diversity, call him at 206-932-7225. Stewart, thanks again!!

Stewart Wechsler leads a group for Sustainable West Seattle through Seattle’s Lincoln Park.