Dale Roose, founding member of West Seattle Tool Library

By Kate Kaemerle

Dale Roose

Dale Roose, one of the founding members of the West Seattle Tool Library, passed away this week in Tucson after a long illness. He was 55 years old. It was Dale and his wife Tina’s 30th anniversary the day he passed.

Dale was active in sustainability, public access media and a proponent in teaching people about the power of community to make a better world close to home. Dale is remembered for his intelligence, hard work, thoughtfulness, love of animals and wry sense of humor.

He worked with Sustainable West Seattle and the West Seattle Tool Library, Indymedia in Seattle and Pan Left Productions in Tucson. Dale made a number of videos as he documented efforts of humanitarians in Tucson that were trying to keep immigrants from dying in the desert.

In January 2010 Dale was diagnosed with a tumor in his brain. He fought to stay alive through surgery and many complications, but ultimately the tumor grew back.

According to his spouse Tina, there will not be a funeral. Dale donated his body to science and will be cremated and buried at sea. Tina suggests donations be made to the American Cancer Society as they provide much needed services to cancer patients.