Planning Commission Launches Online “Transit Communities”

The Seattle Planning Commission launched the online version of Seattle Transit Communities – Integrating Neighborhoods with Transit.

The online report allows easy navigation of all report content as well as other features found only in the online version including an interactive Flashâ„¢ movie, a funding and implementation toolkit, a navigable map of 41 Seattle transit communities, and more!

Seattle Transit Communities – Integrating Neighborhoods with Transit is a road map to capitalize on investments made in transit by creating vibrant and successfully transit communities.  Alaska Junction is one of the high-priority communities singled out by the Planning Commission for examination.

The document identifies answers and paths to execution for these topics:

  • Why transit communities matter and what makes them successful;
  • Four typologies for Seattle that guide land use and identify essential components of livability;
  • Recommendations to support transformative change including 14 near-term priority transit communities where focused planning efforts and investments are needed;
  • Funding and implementation tools to build and enhance our Seattle transit communities.