EWG Publishes Guide to Healthier Personal Care Products

The Environmental Working Group has published a guide to personal care products and how to choose those which are healthier for you and your family.

Most people use around 10 personal care products every day, with an average of 126 different ingredients. We’d like to believe that the government is policing the safety of all of the concoctions we put on our bodies, but it’s not. Instead, these unregulated products pose uncertain dangers for our health and our environment.

EWG thinks you deserve better. We asked our research team to put together some tips on how to choose better body care products. You’ll learn how to:

  • Read a label
  • Shop for the grown-ups in the house
  • Find the safest body care products for your kids

What makes a body care product “better”?


Better products are truthful in their marketing claims and free of potential worrisome ingredients. Some products might make claims that a product is “gentle” or “natural,” but since the government does not require safety testing, personal care product manufacturers can use almost any chemical they want, regardless of risks.

The EWG website shows you how to buy better personal care products.