Improve Your Ability To Be an Agent of Change

Sustainable Seattle is hosting a special one-day workshop that will help you find your strengths as a change agent, and build on them.

The workshop is Advanced Change Agentry for Sustainability, and will be taught by Alan AtKisson, who will draw on his experience – and help you draw on yours – to deepen your practical understanding of:

  • Why change for sustainability is different – and what you need to do differently when your are working on sustainability change processes
  • When, why, and how to use systems thinking and other tools to increase your chances of success—and also when not to use them
  • How to map cultural dynamics and plan effective strategy for change
  • The role of power in change processes, and how to deal effectively with power games
  • Knowing your own “API”—authority, presence, and impact—and learning how to systematically improve all three factors of success.

The workshop takes place at the Seattle Public Library, main branch, Wright-Ketcham meeting room, 1000 Fourth Avenue, downtown Seattle. For more information and online registration, go to

This workshop is part of the ISIS Academy, a professional training program run by AtKisson Group affiliates around the world. They focus on change for sustainability, and integrate the technical skills you need with the people skills that make change possible—and personally rewarding.

A co-founder and former co-chair of Sustainable Seattle, Alan AtKisson now lives in Stockholm, Sweden. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to hear one of Sustainable Seattle’s most inspiring speakers as he returns to Seattle to celebrate our 20th anniversary.

Over the past two decades Alan has worked in over forty countries helping companies, governments, cities, communities, universities, and institutions of many kinds to advance sustainability—often in very challenging circumstances. He has also taught hundreds of professionals and professionals-in-training to develop their skills for designing, initiating, leading and managing change for sustainability.

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