Next Morgan Community Meeting January 19

The next meeting of the Morgan Community Association will be Wednesday, January 19, from 7:00 pm to  8:30 pm at The Kenney, 7125 Fauntleroy Way SW, downstairs in Community Room B.

The Agenda includes:

  • Meet the new SW Precinct Police Chief, Captain Steve Paulsen;
  • Combined Sewer Overflow decision report for Murray Basin (KC Metro will present)
  • Transportation topics
    • Calif Ave SW at Othello: Street safety improvements (see below)
    • 48th Ave SW: Bike lane & reconfiguration
  • Planning Commission Transit Community Report

MoCA Goes Social with a new Morgan Community Association Facebook page –

Pedestrian enhancements coming to the corner of California and Othello in Morgan Junction area:

SDOT is finalizing the design for the pedestrian improvements at California Ave SW & SW Othello Street and California Ave SW & SW Frontenac Street.

In summary, the improvement at SW Othello Street will build a curb bulb on the eastside of the street at the existing crosswalk to shorten the crossing distance on California Ave SW and improve visibility for pedestrians waiting to cross. No trees will be impacted during construction and the existing driveway will be rebuilt to tie in to the new curb bulb. A new overhead crosswalk sign with flashing beacons will also be installed.

In addition, parking will be restricted on the eastside of the street just south of the existing marked crosswalk for several reasons:

  • No parking is allowed within 20’ of a crosswalk. While only one of the legal crosswalks is marked another crosswalk exists where S Othello Street enters California Ave SW from the east.
  • No parking is allowed within 5’ of a driveway
  • No parking is allowed at an intersection (since this is a “T” intersection no parking is permitted through the entire intersection from S Othello Street coming in from the east and S Othello Street coming in from the west)

At SW Frontenac Street, SDOT will upgrade the existing curb ramps to current ADA standards on the three corners shown.

SDOT anticipates that construction will occur during the Seattle Public Schools February mid-winter break as SW Othello Street is a designated school crossing.

For more information on the street changes, contact Thérèse Casper, Seattle Department of Transportation, 206-684-8764.