Tool of the Week: Profile sander

by Micah Summers

At The West Seattle Tool Library, we’ve been thankful and fortunate to receive a large number of unique donations, from brand-new tools to obscure, vintage items. Today I’m writing about a tool donation that came to us nearly unused, a Porter Cable profile sander.

If you’ve ever tried to refinish a piece of old furniture or prepare fine woodworking for that gorgeous finish coat, then you’ve likely discovered that most power sanders aren’t too useful when it comes to the small details. The profile sander is a multi-function sander specifically tailored for working on that small stuff.

The most common attachment, or profile, for this sander is a triangular profile that’s able to reach into the corners and edges of flat surfaces. This particular sander also comes with a set of hard rubber profiles, however, that allow you to sand rounded, convex, or even concave surfaces easily and efficiently.

All of these profiles attachments can make use of standard, hand-cut sheets of sandpaper, eliminating the need for expensive specialty sandpaper. This amazingly useful tool also features a handy dust collection system and a powerful 1.8 amp variable speed motor.

The profile sander is just one of 1000+ tools available now at the West Seattle Tool Library, which is free to use and run primarily on member donations. Feel free to come over and check it out!

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