Orchard Street Ravine Work Party

Orchard Ravine Work Party 9:00 am to 2:00 pm Saturday, October 9th. Meet at Orchard Ravine park at the eastern end of SW Orchard Street.

We’ve got a lot of weeds out there going to seed. Let’s stop next years weeds now! The weather is cooler and easier to enjoy a Saturday catching up with friends and neighbors.

R&L has finished up their contract on work in the ravine. They have cleared and covered a large area east of the stairs and weeded the steep Orchard Street slope. We’ll have to keep an eye open for knotweed they may have missed that should get injected this time of year.

See you there and don’t forget:  Bring your gloves. For more information contact Mark Schultz at mark.schultz2@comcast.net.