Sustainable West Seattle Monthly Community Forum

The Sustainable West Seattle April Community Forum will be about Zero Waste.

And It’s Tonight at the Senior Center – Alaska Junction around corner from California & Oregon.

Please join us this Monday, April 19th, from 7:00 to 9:00 pm at  The Senior Center of West Seattle, 4217 SW Oregon Street (around the corner from California & Oregon) for a discussion about creative ways we can all reduce our waste streams and lighten our footprint on the planet.

Representatives from West Seattle’s Alchemy Goods and ReUsies will be joining Heather Trim from Zero Waste Seattle to walk us through what the concept of Zero Waste is and how we can begin to participate.

Benefits of Zero Waste:

  1. Reduce impacts on wildlife
  2. Reduce carbon footprint
  3. Support sustainability
  4. Reduce resource demand
  5. Save money
  6. Reduce pollution