CityFruit Offers Tree Pest Protection Classes

Protecting Fruit Trees from Pests

May is the time to protect your apples, pears and Asian pears from apple maggot fly and codling moth. City Fruit offers a comprehensive pest protection class on three different dates:

Learn various strategies for reducing damage to your fruit from apple maggot fly and codling moth. These include choosing more resistant cultivars, maintaining tree hygiene, using barriers (fruit shields or ‘footies’), installing traps, promoting beneficial insects and using organic sprays. This workshop explains each insect’s life cycle and discusses the various methods for reducing fruit damage. Fruit shields, or ‘footies’, can be purchased at the workshop.

To register: Go to or the City Fruit Web Site at You can also send a check, with the name of the class and your contact information to City Fruit, PO Box 28577, Seattle 98118. Classes are $15 for City Fruit members, $20 for non-members. If you can’t afford a class but really want to learn, email us at

The Phinney Neighborhood Association serves as City Fruit’s fiscal sponsor and is the co-sponsor of these events.