Walk, Talk and Taste a PCC Store – Inside Your Grocery

Get to know your grocery store! Join EOS Alliance as we team up with PCC Natural Markets to offer you a customized “Walk, Talk, and Taste Tour” of the PCC Greenlake store. With a focus on sustainability, this interactive workshop will explore the conflicting priorities many of us feel when deciding what to buy. Whether it’s choosing between local and organic or high and low priced products, many of us feel like we need to sacrifice something in order to get the item we need. At this workshop, you will learn how to prioritize your concerns and be a more educated shopper the next time you wander the aisles. Plus, you can look forward to tasty samples of all your favorite PCC products!

Space is limited, cost is FREE, so DON’T WAIT to sign up at this EOS Alliance link events@eosalliance.org

The Green Lake PCC is on the 358 bus route, but for West Seattleites, the 54 and 55 turn into the 5, which goes on Greenwood Avenue, a mere 4 blocks west, get off at or near NW 76th Street and walk east, there is a crosswalk and light on Aurora at that intersection.