Seattle Urban Permaculture Courses for Spring-Summer

Seattle Permaculture Now is offering a Permaculture Skills Workshop Series, March through October 2010. Each workshop runs one weekend a month in both Olympia and Seattle. The entire series includes strategies for local food, water, and energy systems that are practical, functional, easy to maintain, and generate abundance while building much-needed skills.

It is Seattle Permaculture Now’s goal to pre-sell the entire workshop series before it begins in March. To meet this goal we are offering a price structure designed to entice individuals and groups to buy part or all of the workshop series. Each workshop is limited to 20 students, which means if 20 groups or individuals step forward to buy the series (in both Seattle and Olympia), we can focus on the workshops themselves rather than marketing efforts, saving us time and money.

One workshop costs $225.  Three workshops prepaid cost $200 each, or $600 total (~10% discount).  All eight workshops prepaid cost $175 each, or $1,400 total (~20% discount).

We would like to respectfully ask you or your group(s) to consider pre-purchasing a workshop package. You will build diverse and easy to replicate skills, network extensively with other groups, build local resilience, increase biodiverse food crops in your city, showcase appropriate technologies, help build strong communities, and support permaculture right-livelihood. There is a wide selection of workshops to choose from, and all it requires is 8 people in your group to commit to $175 each before mid-March.

Seattle Permaculture Now members are available from January through early March to come present to your group to share details and answer questions. Please contact them directly by phone or email to schedule a presentation, or find out more details.  For more information contact Jenny Pell at or 206-949-0496, or Marisha Auerbach at or 360-273-7117.