Seattle Network Green Infrastructure Trip to Interbay

Green Infrastructure is Taking a Field Trip!

Seattle Network has a regular group which meets to discuss the possibilities of Green Infrastructure.  This group is taking a field trip to look at the Interbay site that John Gaines presented as a potential Green Infrastructure project at our November Meeting.  See the Green Infrastructure Group activity notice to learn more about what has been discussed.  Go to this link to sign up and go to the Great City Green Infrastructure home page to learn more and to sign up as a member or to receive notices directly –

If you’re interested in the  Interbay trip, please fill out the form on the sign-up link if you plan on attending. Especially if you need a ride and/or have space in your car to help carpool people to and from downtown.

For more information contact Paul Chasan, Great City Program Coordinator, at or by phone at 206-579-0106.