Local E-waste Recycle Facilities

Have an ancient CRT television, an old, now-useless laptop or desktop computer, a dead CD or DVD player or boombox? Here are a few local facilities where you can bring these and other electronic items for recycling – most of these facilities also provide refurbishing of the same kinds of equipment and have items which have been refurbished for resale. Check these companies out – most are very conveniently located in the SODO area of town with a couple located near Green Lake:

  • 3R Technology, 1920 Occidental Ave South – Our facility is located just south of Safeco field, directly east of the Krispy Kreme on the Corner of 1st Ave South and Holgate. For recycling drop-offs or if you plan to pick up anything large, please drive around to the east side of the building facing the railroad tracks to our convenient parking area. If it is more convenient for your retail shopping, there is 2-hour street parking only on the Occidental (street address side) of the building. Off street stalls on the street side are reserved for other tenants of the building – please do not park here. It can be quite busy on the Occidental side of the building during peak traffic hours, so feel free to come around and park on the east side of the building during your shopping, as shown on the map below.
  • Computer Recycling Service, Inc., 7505 – 7507 Aurora Avenue North – We accept drop-off and will pick up all working and non-working computers. All laptops, laptop parts and laptop accessories. All hard drives, CD-ROMs, loose PC boards / cards, all cables, all retail packaged / sealed software, all networking equipment (hubs, routers, switches, etc.), all monitors, all fax machines, and all photocopiers. Call us to find out more about what else we will take.  We will make every effort to refurbish the newer equipment and/or recycle as many of the recyclable components as possible. Materials that have no market value, or are hazardous in nature will be disposed of in an environmentally sound manner.
  • Total Reclaim, 2200 6th Ave. South – Total Reclaim’s Seattle location includes our main recycling facility, drop-off point and corporate office. Drop off fluorescent lamps and ballasts at the EcoLights facility, also in Seattle.  Total Reclaim offers responsible recycling and responsible destruction of Computers and Electronics, Fluorescent Lamps and non-PCB Ballasts*, Household Appliances, Refrigeration and HVAC Units, Batteries (all types), Products for De-manufacturing.
  • Interconnection, 2222 N. Pacific St. – Our core mission is to provide computers to underserved people and communities around the world. From our Seattle-based computer recycling and reuse programs to schools and organizations far and wide, we make a connection that makes a difference. We create opportunity through computer reuse.
  • RE*PC, 1565 6th Ave. South. – The RE·PC Seattle retail store has been open since 1994 and is located just South of Safeco field in downtown Seattle. Since opening the doors nearly ten years ago, we have been active recyclers of computer technology in the realm of re-use and resale as well as tearing down to separate circuit boards, sheet metal or other material. RE·PC buys, sells and accepts for recycling a wide selection of computers, monitors, printers, parts, cables, software, accessories and peripherals. There’s also our famous “AS-IS” section where you’ll find almost anything related to computers and electronics. Stop by our Computer Museum and stroll down random access memory lane!

In addition, there are dozens of other local facilities throughout the Puget Sound area.  Check your favorite online search engine for additional locations, or use the ready-made searches below: