Principles & Processes of Sustainable Solutions

The Northwest Environmental Training Center is presenting “In Pursuit of Sustainability: The Principles and Processes Inherent to All Sustainable Solutions.”  The course takes place over three days, March 10 through 12 from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.  Classrooms are at the  NWETC Headquarters, 650 South Orcas Street, Suite 220, in Georgetown.  To register online click here.

The instructor is Tim Botkin.  He has been practicing law in Washington State for 16 years. For seven of those years, he served as an administrative judge for development and land use in Kitsap County. He credits this term for exposing him to healthy and environmentally friendly development practices. He was then elected Kitsap County Commissioner and became directly involved in the precursors to current-day sustainability: smart growth, low impact development (LID), transit-oriented development, and comprehensive water resource management. Tim also worked on housing, youth issues, and equality. In 2002, he opened his own consulting practice, Sustainable Solutions.

The course will address fundamental elements of sustainability. While the term “sustainable” is widely evident in today’s common language and market places, it is equally evident that few who use the term truly consider its full breadth and extremely significant connotation. As a result, most approaches labeled as “sustainable” are essentially piecemeal or limited in approach, leaving out important relevant considerations and remaining open to critique as representing one or another “special interest”.

This class takes a different tack. By beginning with the consideration of the interests affected by a proposal, and crafting logical designs that take these into account, one can achieve more durable and progressive results. Participants of this class will become familiar with elements that constitute “sustainability” at its core; develop skills and insights to identify best sustainable practices; and learn to develop and implement their own sustainable initiatives.