Puget Creek Watershed Allies Take Notice

A reminder of the  Puget Creek neighborhood meeting from 7:00 to  9:00 pm, this Wednesday, November 18, at the Sanislo School Library (1812 SW Myrtle).

Find out about the possibility of recreating the former wetland/headwaters and restoring year-round flow, with the use of reclaimed water.  Project Manager, Mark Buscher, of King County’s Reclaimed Water Program will give an overview of King County’s plans to improve wastewater treatment. He will answer questions about what reclaimed water would mean to Puget Creek and our Puget Ridge neighborhood.

Also at the Wednesday meeting, there will be a discussion about interest in creating a Puget Ridge “pocket park” (or pea patch, demonstration garden, community gathering place, you name it)? at Brandon and 18th? Two-thirds of an acre is for sale there. If there is enough interest, we could apply for a grant from the Parks Levy Opportunity Fund (for details, see: http://seattle.gov/parks/levy/opportunity.htm). We need to know if there is enough interest to proceed, so come to the meeting Wednesday with an opinion.

Also, Puget Creek has received a Technical Assistance grant award from the National Park Service. It will be used to organize a “visioning process” for Puget Creek and the West Duwamish Greenbelt. Puget Ridge neighbors can help shape the green space improvements that could happen if funding becomes available. All are encouraged to participate!  Contact Steve Richmond for further information at http://gardencycles.net.