Deep Green: The Road to Zero-Impact Buildings

The Northwest Environmental Training Center, an EOS Alliance program, is presenting “Deep Green: ┬áThe Road to Zero-Impact Buildings,” a sustainability building and house design course in their Georgetown classroom facilities at 650 South Orcas Street, Suite 220, Seattle, WA 98108.

The instructors are Alexandra Ramsden, of Rushing|Blackbird, and Nathan Miller, also of Rushing|Blackbird, a Seattle-based mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and sustainability consulting firm.

The course, which costs $175 to $225 (discounts for non-profits, students and others – see full course description here.

Take a minute to envision a building which visually and functionally blends in with its local ecosystem; it does not rely on outside power and municipal water supplies, it supports its surrounding community, enhances the health of its occupants and does not contribute to carbon emissions. This is a truly green building. This NWETC class will illustrate processes, strategies and tools for getting to this next level of sustainability.

As green building is gaining more momentum and rating systems, such as LEED, are becoming more widely adopted in the building industry, there is a desire to make green building even greener. This course will present major strategies for taking a project closer to zero environmental impact. These strategies will include net-zero energy, net-zero water, restorative sites, health-safe materials and timeless design. The class will also dive into some of the advanced tools and building protocols that are helping the industry to make a more severe shift; integrated design, Passive Haus, 2030 Challenge, and Living Building Challenge. To truly demonstrate that these strategies are achievable, examples of projects will be discussed, which are paving the way for this admirable goal of true green building.

Participants will walk away from this class with knowledge of advanced green building strategies, various methodologies for the design and construction process, and tools for overcoming some of the struggles which need to be tackled to make this level of green building more attainable. Through interactive break-out sessions, attendees will discover new approaches for creating team dynamics which encourage wild ideas, spark creativity and foster the innovation necessary to dream up out-of-the-box green building solutions.

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