CoolMom Camp Long Free Kids Movie

WS CoolMom Presents: The Magic School Bus FREE

The Lodge at Camp Long turns into a theater on Friday, November 6.  Bring your blankets/pillows and dinner, if you choose. This movie is based on the books by Joanna Cole with illustrations by Bruce Degen. The animated holiday film features voice talent by Lily Tomlin and Dolly Parton. Basic plot: During a class trip to Murph’s recycling plant, Wanda’s toy soldier is accidentally turned into plastic pellets. Unable to get into the production of the Nutcracker ballet without her toy soldier, Wanda wishes for a world without recycling. Ms. Fizzle decides to show Wanda and the other children the importance of recycling by un-recycling everything in Walkerville. Register by calling Camp Long at684-7434.