Tox-ick Stormwater

Tox-Ick.Org is an outreach and education effort born out of the 501(c)(3) nonprofit Sustainable West Seattle.  The objective of the program is to help educate a critical mass of Puget Sound residents about the problem of polluted runoff and the simple actions individuals can engage in to stop it.

To reach this objective, we have developed free outreach resources that are available to individuals and organizations that want to engage their communities in the fight against the Tox-Ick Monster. Watch Diver Laura’s award winning videos exposing combined sewer outflow directly into the Puget Sound at Alki. These touching videos may make an activist out of you!

If you are an organic gardener, an educator, a fisherman, or just passionate about Puget Sound, you can take this campaign to your community by becoming a Tox-Ick Ambassador.  For volunteer information contact and check our Events Page.