Environmental Lobby Day is February 19th – CoolMom & SWS Want Your Participation

CapBldgOlympiaOur colleagues at CoolMom want to bring Environmental Lobby Day: February 19th to your attention.

At CoolMom they are proud to offer practical and immediate ways to effect climate change.  With that, they also realize that it’s not enough to change our individual behavior.  To address how our communities work and the rules that larger actors must follow, CoolMom states that we need to bring our voices to the halls of power where those decisions are made.  Thus,

Lobby Day!

The Environmental Priorities Coalition is sponsoring Environmental Lobby Day 2013!  This is a chance for you and your family to be heard.  You get to meet with your senators and representatives and make sure they understand that fighting climate change is a family value.

This year’s Environmental Lobby Day is Tuesday, February 19th, from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm.  Individuals can sign up and take the bus, or drive down with some friends and join the fun in Olympia.  To learn more and sign up, use this link to register.

CoolMom says they truly believe there is no more powerful voice than parents.  Parents are opinion leaders, decision makers, and voters.  As our children don’t yet have the ability to lobby for a better future, parents need to seize the opportunity to be their voice.  There are many ways to advocate:

  • In your neighborhoods;
  • Through your local media; and
  • The age-old tradition of meeting with your legislator.

CoolMom and Sustainable West Seattle are hoping as many CoolMoms and SWS families as possible will join other Washingtonians in taking time out of their week to make their voices heard.

If you can’t make it to Lobby Day, CoolMom hopes you will check out their Tip of the Month with ideas for effective ways to contact your political representatives.

Happy Environmental Lobby Day!

The CoolMom Team

Paddle from Seattle Support Event

This fun event today, June 10, Sunday, supports the revival of NW Native Canoe Culture. Food, film, exhibits & more. $10 suggested donation supports the Duwamish Raven Canoe “Paddle to Suquaxin 2012″ this summer. Enjoy Indian Tacos, film from the 2010 Canoe Journey, Duwamish Youth Digital Stories , Art Gallery show Peter Boome: Salish Connections & more. Event image is “Sustenance” by Peter Boome–see more available paintings and prints in the Longhouse Art Gallery. Doors open 1pm, free parking. Read more details about this event.

2012 West Seattle Community Garage Sale

The West Seattle Tool Library has spent the last two years helping hundreds of families clean out their garages. When we originally started, we imagined having a few hundred tools and a few hundred members.  Instead, we’ve amassed an impressive collection of over 1500 tools, from cider presses to portable table saws.    And we’ve discovered that there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.

If you look through our inventory, under certain tool categories, you’ll notice that we have a lot of almost identical tools.  Some of those tool collections, like our 29 extension cords and 13 weed whackers, are necessary because we have weeks when all of them go out.  Others, like our collection of 100 hammers or 17 power drills, are full of redundancies.

We are pleased to announce that we will be selling our redundancies during the upcoming West Seattle Community Garage Sale.  Our sale will feature a few hundred tools, some of which can be viewed at our website.

We’ll have a $2 table, a $1 table, and a free box filled with broken tools and scrap wood.  If you’re looking to build a power tool dragster for the upcoming drag races, look no further than our collection of broken circular saws.

We will also be selling seeds and starts for the Community Orchard of West Seattle.  If you’re looking for strawberry plants, chive plants or veggie  seeds, check out our selection!

During the garage sale, we are also hoping to add to our collection.  Our wish list is available here.  Some of the highlights on that list include:  A heavy duty electric chipper, a heavy duty electric pressure washer, wheelbarrows, clamps of any kind, and metal working tools.  If you see something from our list while you’re out shopping, we’d love you to pick it up for us and bring it on down.  We’re also up for doing a swap.  Something you have and don’t need will be happily bartered for something you do need from our tools for sale.

Finally, we’ll be up in the Chase Bank parking lot on Edmunds and California following the sale to collect any tools or glassware that didn’t sell during your sale.  Please stop by and drop off any electric, pneumatic, or hand tools for the Tool Library and any wine glasses, beer glasses, mugs and tea cups for the reusable dish library.

Happy shopping!

Sustainable Healthcare: One Community At A Time

The next Sustainable West Seattle Community Forum is about Health.  We’ll again be at the Senior Center of West Seattle, on SW Oregon St. right around the corner from California Ave.  SW.   We meet upstairs in the large community room.

Our health care system is both more expensive and has lower quality than other industrialized countries. Many describe this as a sick care system because significant is not spent until after you get sick. Communities are now developing alternatives that cost less and move people toward whole health. By focusing on prevention and early intervention we can also drop the costs of health care.

Our speaker is Dale Jarvis, a healthcare consultant and West Seattlite who has worked at fixing the healthcare system in 20 states since the federal healthcare law passed in 2010. Dale will describe healthcare reform ‘triples’ and ‘home runs’ that can fit Seattle’s neighborhoods. Join this discussion of a new healthcare ecosystem for West Seattle.

Read more

Tool Library Offers “Make-It” Workshop Series

This winter, The West Seattle Tool Library is offering The Make-It Workshop Series, exploring a wide variety of unique crafts from beer brewing to beekeeping.  Register for classes online (because they fill up fast) at: http://www.meetup.com/WSToolLibrary


Introduction to Beer Brewing
Tuesday, January 10th, 7-9 PM
Learn how to prepare your own beer!  Participants will be introduced to all the necessary brewing equipment while learning how to prepare the mash, cook it, add flavors, and complete the brewing process.
Instructor: Micah Summers
Cost: $20

Introduction to Indoor Winter Gardening
Monday, January 16th, 7-9 PM
There’s no reason to let the cold weather stop your veggie gardening.  Learn how to grow an indoor winter garden quickly and easily, as well as how to get things started for the spring ahead.   
Instructor: Christina Hahs
Cost: $20 plus $5 for materials


Introduction to Beekeeping
Tuesday, January 24th, 7-9 PM
There a lot of buzz around bees these days.  This class will cover basic beekeeping tools and equipment, local laws, getting started, basic hive management, and processing the harvest.
Instructor: Brian Allen
Cost: $20



Power Tools 101
Tuesday, January 31st, 7-9 PM
Learn the basics of using small powertools such as circular saws, jigsaws, powerdrills, impact drivers, nail guns, and miter saws.  During the class, you’ll demonstrate what you’ve learned by building a take-home, cedar planter box.
Instructor: Amy Ecklund
Cost: $20 + $5 for materials

SWS & The Tool Library Offer Round Trip Airfare Raffle


On February 21st, 2012, Sustainable West Seattle will be giving away 2 roundtrip tickets* good for anywhere Alaska Airlines or Horizon Air fly.  Raffle tickets will be awarded to all those who complete any of the following before the date of the drawing:

Raffle tickets can also be purchased at The West Seattle Tool Library during open hours.  Those who sign up or renew their memberships on the web will automatically be entered in the drawing.  There is no limit to the number of times any individual can enter, through whichever means.  SWS Board Members and their relatives are ineligible to participate.

Sustainable West Seattle and The West Seattle Tool Library sincerely thank Alaska Airlines for this kind donation as well as its continued commitment to advancing environmental responsibility in commercial aviation.  Visit here to learn more about Alaska Airline’s environmental and corporate responsibility commitments.


*These tickets are unrestricted, nonexpiring and valued at up to $1,500. They can be used on a flight anywhere Alaska Airlines or Horizon Air fly. Alaska and Horizon now fly directly to four Hawaiian Islands, several cities in Mexico, Newark, Boston, Wash. DC, Florida, Canada and, of course, almost anywhere in the state of Alaska. See a full route map here.

Be Prepared for The West Seattle Barter Fair: Gifts From Your Own Backyard!

Homemade Gifts and Craft Industries
@The Community Orchard of West Seattle

To help you get a jump on Sustainable West Seattle’s Barter Fair this year, The Community Orchard is hosting an active workshop that will stretch the ideas of holiday gifts and cottage industries to their limits!  Working together with Orchard Manager Laura Sweany, we will share successes (and failures!) we’ve had with sustainable homemade gifts, and start on a list of items that could be crafted as cottage industry or barter fodder from a home yard the size of our Orchard.  You’re almost guaranteed to leave the session with the knowledge and inspiration to create.  You might even leave with a new business idea!

RSVP to The Community Orchard of West Seattle for this event.  FREE

An Open Letter to Occupy Seattle

To The Honorable Representatives of the 99%:

The last ten years have shown that our nation’s economic and political systems are clearly broken.  In the wake of a dramatic recession, the economic health of average Americans has been devastated and our national leadership has been ineffective, if not downright counter-productive, in bringing forth a remedy.  As long as most Americans remain complacent or silent in their frustration, this horrid situation is unlikely to improve.

Your actions, however, have helped to awaken our country from that stupor.  It’s simply inspirational to see so many now demanding to be counted and refusing to back down.  Encouraging public participation and awareness on these subjects is vital to the mission of Sustainable West Seattle, as we educate, create, and advocate for urban sustainability.  We therefore seek to pursue our own mission by offering our firm support to the peaceful and powerful efforts of Occupy Seattle.

Over just the course of the last year, our organization has held numerous community forums on reforming campaign finance, seeking alternatives to a growth economy, and protecting our natural resources.  We are delighted to hear those sentiments and others echoed in the persistent voices of the 99%.

Your outspoken efforts here in Seattle are a grand invitation for Americans everywhere to demand representation as we sustainably rebuild our nation for the inclusive benefit of all rather than the exclusive benefit of a powerful few.  We gratefully support you, and look forward to the continued growth and influence of the Occupy movement in every city, community, and household throughout our country.

Thank you for raising your voices here in Seattle.  Stay warm.


Sustainable West Seattle

West Seattle Spokespeople ‘Farm and Fowl Series’

Spokespeople West Seattle May Ride, “Farm and Fowl Tour”

Meets at South Seattle Community College north entrance (Horticulture Center) 10:45am Sunday May 1st.

Early spring edible gardens will be our focus on this ride. We will start at South Seattle Community College the site of the developing Community Orchard of West Seattle and pedal on to some West Seattle gardens.

From West Seattle we will take a 20 mile round trip ride out to one of my favorite gardens, the Interbay Pea Patch. This route will take us along a flat and limited traffic routes of the Seattle waterfront and Myrtle Edwards park to Magnolia and the Interbay P Patch and back.  The ride will be 22 miles round trip at a leisurely pace. The ride group will ride a “stay together” style with frequent regrouping stops. The ride leader will be Stu Hennessey, owner of Alki Bike and Board.

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