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Come on down to the District 1 City Council Candidates Forum titled:

Rapid Development in West Seattle, How do high density urban centers affect you?


On Saturday July 11th at 2pm Sustainable West Seattle, The West Seattle Herald and the 34th Dems will

be hosting a candidate’s forum on the Greenlife Stage at the West Seattle SummerFest.

This will be your final chance before the August primary to hear what the candidates for District 1, (West

Seattle and South Park) have to say about the effects of high density development and the solutions

they have in mind.

The questions will center on the issues of traffic congestion, road conditions due to construction, public

and open space, school classroom size and the changing character of a West Seattle so jam packed.

You can have a voice by leaving your question in the comment box. With limited time we can only

choose between the best questions so make yours count.

Join us at the Greenlife Festival a part of West Seattle SummerFest July 10-13 2015



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  1. eric
    eric says:

    Well I’ll start it off then…

    Question for the candidates: How will we know that West Seattle has been developed enough? What are some of the markers that development needs to be curtailed or even halted?

    Thank you

  2. Vicki Pardee
    Vicki Pardee says:

    How could (we) let DCLU/Signage allow the new building at Alaska & Fuantleroy (42nd?) put not 1, not 2; but 3 HUGE signs “reminding us” of the new LA FITNESS location. All the planning and review and protests from WS citizens…of course $ is going to win, but if ANY company is going to join our community, couldn’t there be a morsel of respect for the REGIONS IDENTITY????
    We are WEST SEATTLE; that is what should be blasted and in our face as we arrive at Fauntleroy & Alaska Street. Not some ridiculous reminder that we are all doomed to live in or near a strip mall blasting, “LA Fitness” or whatever the major leaseholder is.
    I have written LA FItness corporate and I encourage every one of us who pauses at that intersection for the first time of every day. Please remind us that we are arriving or returning to WEST SEATTLE !!!
    Then we can exhale and relax just a little, knowing we have arrived to a very special place.
    A community. A place that refuses to be identified by ridiculously large signage or corporate identity.
    The same goes for WHOLE FOODS! This intersection is our gateway to our community and home-WEST SEATTLE. Don’t let any corporation take this from us.

  3. mike
    mike says:

    Would urban planners make same decisions re density and zoning if they had to live in WS
    and experience increased traffic, lack of parking spaces, etc.—me thinks not….

  4. Edie Neeson
    Edie Neeson says:

    What will you do to encourage more transit ridership to & from from West Seattle? Would you favor a below-ground Park and Ride garage in West Seattle?
    What about frequent minivan-sized circulating routes within West Seattle?


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