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Come on down to the District 1 City Council Candidates Forum titled:

Rapid Development in West Seattle, How do high density urban centers affect you?


On Saturday July 11th at 2pm Sustainable West Seattle, The West Seattle Herald and the 34th Dems will

be hosting a candidate’s forum on the Greenlife Stage at the West Seattle SummerFest.

This will be your final chance before the August primary to hear what the candidates for District 1, (West

Seattle and South Park) have to say about the effects of high density development and the solutions

they have in mind.

The questions will center on the issues of traffic congestion, road conditions due to construction, public

and open space, school classroom size and the changing character of a West Seattle so jam packed.

You can have a voice by leaving your question in the comment box. With limited time we can only

choose between the best questions so make yours count.

Join us at the Greenlife Festival a part of West Seattle SummerFest July 10-13 2015



Come Down and Explore the Longfellow Creek Trail

Come on down and join Bryan!

Come on down and join Bryan!

Looking for a cool walk this weekend? Consider meeting SWS President Bryan and our friends at as they explore one of our local greenspaces…The Longfellow Creek Trail. This event takes place on Saturday June 13th from 11am-2pm at Greg Davis Park.

This will be a great event to bring your children to. Fun times are to be had, like a water bug investigations, a scavenger hunt, and just playing in the woods!. Hope to see you there!

SWS Team

Here is the flyer if you’d like to download it:

Flyer1- Longfellow


The Village Green Nursery Is COOL

RoseWhere else can you go learn about homemade rose tea or fragrant rose syrups in West Seattle on a Saturday and go for “A Wild Edible Walk and Talk” on Sunday? Well there might be a couple of other places, but this one looks fun too! An excerpt from their Rose Blog Blast reads:

“Do you remember being in your grandmothers gardens when the most fragrant roses were in bloom?

Fragrance takes us back to a time in the past, where scent has been locked into memory. We may not even realize the memory exists until we smell something to jog the memory. My aunt Edna used to grow the most amazing roses. Her house was always filled with amazing food and flower scents.

When I moved here, the roses were not at all something I was looking forward to working with. I’ve since come to truly LOVE roses!

The term ‘Old roses’ does not refer to roses that were in the garden when you moved into your house….’old roses’ actually refers to antique varieties that came over with early settlers from China, Europe and the Far East. We’re talking old. These are cutting from the original plants, also called ‘own root roses’ meaning they are grown from cuttings from the parent plant, here on the property.”

Sounds fuN! Check out the Rose Events each Saturday in June from 1-3pm and the Wild Edible Walk and Talk on Sunday June 7th 11-12pm.


The “Yes Men” Are Baaaaccck!

Whether you agree with their tactics or not, The Yes Men have been effective at bringing attention to some really important climate and humanitarian issues. I think they first made waves by perpetrating Dow’s fake apology for the Bhopal disaster but they’ve also managed to get the US Chamber of Commerce to….pay attention to Climate Change….which is a pretty big deal. And now, their latest movie, The Yes Men Revolt, will be playing at the Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) June 12th-18th at SIFF Cinema Uptown.