Murray Basin Concrete Pouring Work Continues through December

MurrayActivityDec2014King County Wastewater Division sent a notice this week stating that county contractors are beginning to build the underground storage tank across from Lowman Beach for the Murray Combined Sewer Overflow project. The tank will sit on top of the concrete slab poured in the tank area last week. Crews will work Saturday Dec. 20 to install rebar and build forms. The rebar will attach the tank to the slab. The forms will help shape the tank bottom. Saturday work hours will be 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Smaller concrete pours are scheduled for December 23 and December 29. About 10 trucks an hour will deliver concrete to the site each day — less than half the amount delivered daily last week for the slab. Concrete will be delivered to the site between 7:00 am and 6:00 pm. Crews may continue working in the tank area after 6:00 pm if necessary. Haul routes will remain the same. These pours may be rescheduled if temperatures go below 40 degrees. Schedules updates will be provided as necessary.

No work will occur on December 25 or January 1 (see calendar at bottom for more information).

What to expect on pour days:

  • Work from 7:00 am – 6:00 pm. Work will continue past 6:00 pm if necessary;
  • Crews working on the east side of Beach Dr. SW near Lowman Beach Park;
  • Trucks parked on the 7000 block of Beach Dr. SW and Lincoln Park Way SW near Murray Ave. SW;
  • No weekday parking in these areas:
    • 7000 block of Beach Dr. SW;
    • Lincoln Park Way SW between Murray Ave SW and Beach Dr. SW;
  • Local and emergency access maintained on Beach Dr. SW and Lincoln Park Way SW;
  • Considerable increased truck traffic entering and leaving the site during work hours;
  • Flaggers will direct traffic along Beach Dr. SW and at the intersection of Beach Dr. SW and Lincoln Park Way SW;
  • Traffic delays, heavy congestion near the site;
  • East sidewalk of Beach Dr. SW closed between 7:00 am and 6:00 pm.

For more information call the 24-hour project information hotline: 206-205-9186

Schedule of activity at Murray Combined Sewer Overflow project area for December.
Schedule of activity at Murray Combined Sewer Overflow project area for December.

Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board Seeks 3 New Members for Two-Year Terms

PedPlanHomePageGraphicThe Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board is accepting applications for new members to help make walking in Seattle safer and easier.  The volunteer board, which was created by Seattle City Council in 1993, plays an influential role in implementing Seattle’s Pedestrian Master Plan.

The board advises the Mayor and City Council, participates in planning and project development, evaluates policies and makes recommendations to all city departments including the Seattle Department of Transportation.

Currently they are looking for candidates to fill three positions.  Board members are frequent users of the city’s pedestrian network, and represent a variety of ages, levels of mobility, walks of life, and areas throughout the city. Members must be Seattle residents, and may not be city employees. The board meets the second Wednesday of each month from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm at City Hall on Fifth Avenue between James and Cherry streets. Board members serve a two-year term.

According to David Goldberg, current chair of the Pedestrian Advisory Board, “Seattle has declared an ambition to be the ‘most walkable city in America,’ and is embracing a goal to make our streets among the safest in the world. The Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board can play a key role in holding ourselves accountable for these aspirations while meeting the needs of all residents, regardless of age, income or ability.”

The City of Seattle is committed to promoting diversity in the City’s boards and commissions. Women, young persons, seniors, persons with disabilities, sexual and gender minorities, persons of color, and immigrants are encouraged to apply.  Interested Seattleites should submit a resume and cover letter explaining their interest via email by January 5, 2015 to:  Howard Wu at

For more information, call Howard Wu at (206) 684-3902, or send e-mail to the address above.

Native Bareroot Plant Sale: Buy Now, Pick Up in February – Trees, Ground Covers

plant-sale-happy-customerThe 2015 King Conservation District announces their Native Bareroot Plant Sale featuring more than three dozen species of native trees, shrubs and groundcovers. All orders placed by the end of November get an automatic 10% Early Bird Discount!

Pick up orders Saturday, February 28th adjacent to the KCD offices at 1107 SW Grady Way, Renton. For a link to the full plant list and details on online ordering, go to our website and click on Shop Now!

Below are brief descriptions of the wide variety of plants available in the King Conservation District Native Plant Sale.

Deciduous Trees
Grace the Northwest
     Deciduous trees light up the landscape with beautiful spring flowers and showy fall foliage, and then lose their leaves to provide filtered light in winter. Many of them provide nectar for pollinators and edible fruits for wildlife.
This year we have four species of deciduous trees which are sold in bundles of 10 for $16. For details and online ordering see Deciduous Trees.

Don’t Forget
Ground Covers!

The seven ground covers in this year’s KCD Native Plant Sale range from sunloving native strawberries to shade-tolerant Oregon grape. New this year are Deer Ferns and Fringecup, both of which prefer moist soils.
For photos and details on each species see Ground Covers.

Some Like it Wet

Moisture-loving Deer Ferns are available for the first time in this year’s sale. They’re included in a selection of more than a dozen species that require damp soils. Some of the plants love full sun, while others prefer deep shade. Details are on our online order form for each species that is Wet Loving.

Edible Berries Provide for People and Wildlife

     This year’s Native Plant Sale includes ten species selected for edible berries. Food-producing plants were an important source of nutrition in native diets. They’re tasty right off the bush for people and wildlife. For details see Edible Berries.

Energy Blog Author Publishes ‘Dinosaurs Last Roar’ on Kindle, 1st Published Here

DinoLast-SilberKindleSustainable West Seattle member and Energy Blog author Andy Silber recently wrote a fiction story about the impact of climate change on Planet Earth and humanity’s attempts to colonize Mars.

Andy has taken the story much further and has published a longer, more involved version on Kindle.  Click here for the Amazon link to the longer story.  Andy is charging 99 cents ($.99) for this more polished version.

The story was first serialized here on the SWS website (see Energy Blog: World of Tomorrow-2025: Warmer, Higher Sea Level, Fusion Power for the beginning chapter or click Energy Blog in the What Are You Interested In? section to the left to find all 9 early chapters.


Help King County Prioritize Environmental Goals: Use Online Budget Planner

KCparks viewThe King County Department of Natural Resources would like to hear from you about how you would prioritize King County’s environmental goals to help the county continue to plan for a greener future.

How would you prioritize King County’s environmental goals?

Let’s pretend you have a budget of $100 for King County’s environmental work. How would you spend it on three or more of the County’s environmental goals? Find the environmental goals that you would like King County to prioritize, then allocate a portion of your imaginary $100. Total spending should add up to $100. Click here to give your ideas to make King County greener?  The question will be open for comment until December 24. is an online platform that provides opportunities for government and citizens to work together to improve our communities and environment through digital civic engagement.